Girl With the Hipster Glasses

Girl With the Hipster Glasses

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Maintaining Female Friendships

Image source A little while ago, a post appeared on this blog entitled ‘The Girlfriend Code…’ If you haven’t read it already, you can check it out and see what you think. For the eternally lazy, the gist is that some women don’t have female […]

Five Yoga Poses for Writers

Being a writer or an office worker means you spend hours staring at your screen, and crunch up in the worst possible position. Even if you have a home office, you might develop shoulder, wrist, and lower back pain, if you forget to stretch regularly. […]

Debunking Common Excuses for not Drinking Enough Water

You need to drink more water. WHoever, you are, whatever you do and wherever you’re reading this from, it’s statistically likely that that assertion is accurate. Pretty much everyone is aware of the myriad benefits of staying hydrated. It helps our skin to look younger […]

Get Gym Fit without the Gym

Image Credit If you’ve set a New Year resolution to get your fitness back in shape then you’ll be in one of two camps; elated or frustrated.  You’re either elated at the changes you’re noticing in your energy levels and physical appearance feeling proud and […]

4 Assumptions About Low Carb Eating

Photo Credit Low-carbohydrate food and eating plans have been popular for a few years now. Low carb is praised by nutritionists, celebrated by celebrities, and is generally considered to be beneficial for both health and weight loss. Yet despite this, low-carb has something of a […]

South Africa: 3 Capital Reasons to Visit

You’re at a quiz with your friends, sitting around the table, racking your brains to find the answers to the questions. Everyone is nervous, a little bit on edge, hoping to take home the grand prize. The next question arrives: “What’s the capital of South […]

Gym Gear Essentials

Image When Usain Bolt heads off to train, or when Eddie Hall heads into a competition, do you think that they would go without the right equipment? Setting out for success in any area of your life means having all of the right things – […]

Why Oregon Should Be Your Next Destination

I’m trying to be better about appreciating all that the U.S. of A has to offer. When I first started traveling, I was drawn to the glitz and the glamour of big, chaotic cities but as I get older, I find myself wanting to know […]

Five U.S. States to Consider for Your Next Stateside Travel Adventure

The USA is always a popular destination when it comes to holidaymakers. There is something about the all American vibe you get the moment you step off the plane. It really has it all, doesn’t it? The great cities, the fun and exciting parts, the […]

How to Vacation in Los Angeles

If you are looking for one of the best city break destinations on the planet, LA has to be up there, right? It’s certainly one of those cities on most people’s bucket lists, and there is so much to see and do in this amazing […]