20 Minute AMRAP Row Machine Workout

I’m really trying to get in the habit of updating more. I also create my gym workouts in the “Notes” on my phone and then never blog about them. Here’s one that I did a few weeks ago and it was awesome …. in that physically challenging way. This workout is great if you’re trying to get in and out of the gym. Just set your timer (or make note of the time on the clock) and hop to it. If you focus on the reps, it’ll fly by. 

  • 400 M row 
  • 12 lateral arm raises with plie squat 
  • 12 deadlifts 
  • 12 military presses 
  • 12 KB swings 
  • 12 push-ups 
  • 6 weighted back squats with pulse at the bottom

Repeat Circuit as many times as possible in 20 mins (or however long you see fit). 

Comment with questions about any of this! 



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