3 Reasons Why I Whole30 (The 3Rs)

img_1997Ciao ragazzi, 

think I am finally done with traveling until the winter holidays. The last two months have been a whirlwind with classes starting in late August, yoga teacher training every other weekend and traveling on the weekends in between. I’m SO excited to have a weekend free in a couple of weeks. Hopefully this means that my days will be a little less hectic, as I can spread my work a bit more evenly. 

Though the chaos of life can sometimes be fun, or even exhilarating, when it includes travel and other social activities, I always find myself a little out of whack after a hectic stretch of work and play. In these moments, I usually try to hunker down and get organized, but I’m also very conscious about taking the time to re-cooperate and resettle my mind and body. 

One of my favorite ways of resettling my body is through food, specifically through a Whole30. Though I generally try to maintain a Whole30ish diet, concentrated on whole foods, I haven’t done an official Whole30 in quite some time. Even though a Whole30 doesn’t require much change for me at this point, it’s still intimidating to hold myself accountable in such an intense way. I shutter at the thought of having to deny myself the square of dark chocolate that I enjoy after making it home from a long day or the occasional homemade pizza that pairs oh-so-perfectly with some Netflix on a Friday night. The reality, however, is that I usually only start considering a Whole30 when I need it. I can feel when I’m off kilter. I can feel when I’m in need of some recalibration. As I continue to develop the habit of being in-tune with my body, the Whole30 has been a great way for me to formally check in with my physical self. 

I have chronicled one of my Whole30s on the blog before, including weekly recaps and an introduction to the whole30 itself. You can find all of those posts here. This post is a quick run-down of why I choose to Whole30 every now and then to give you a sense of if it might be for you. I have cleverly coined these reasons as the 3Rs. 

Reset. Whether you’re doing a Whole30 for the first time or the fiftieth time, it operates as a reset. It gives your body enough time away from inflammatory foods to allow for healing. It also recalibrates the body to appreciate quality whole foods over processed ones. 

Remind. Doing a Whole30 is a great way to learn more about my body but also to remind myself of the things I already know. There are certain foods that I have learned that I do not digest well. Though I might cut them out for a while, they inevitably end up back in my diet if I enjoy them. By eliminating inflammatory foods, the Whole30 reminds me of how it feels to feel really good – to have great energy, to feel satiated after meals, and to know that I’m providing my body with dense sources of macro- and micro-nutrients on a consistent basis. 

Reintroduce. One of my favorite aspects of doing a Whole30 is being pushed to reintroduce, or in some cases, introduce new things into my diet. There are so many delicious varieties of produce, and even nutritious cuts of meat, that I ignore because I’m too lazy to seek them or cook them. Because the Whole30 restricts the diet to meat, produce, and natural fats, it forces me to get creative with my meals and explore some new things or things that I don’t often eat. (Really, it gives me an excuse to spend way too much money on less common varieties of produce at the farmer’s market). 

Hope this is helpful. There is a ton of info out there about the Whole30 but I would love to answer any questions that are within my knowledge/experience. Feel free to comment with any words or inquiries. I would love to converse with you guys about it! 


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