4 Amazing Ways to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

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Working out should be intense and make you feel like you’ve really pushed yourself. If you leave every gym session feeling a little underwhelmed, then maybe you should start switching things up? Keep doing the same things over and over again, and you’ll never see results.

So, I’ve got a few ideas that will help all of you take your workouts to the next level. Try any of them and witness how much more intense each session is, and how rewarding it feels to work harder.

Implement Active Rests Between Sets

Instead of spending time between sets sitting down or standing around, why don’t you incorporate active rests instead? One of my favourite things to do is spend the 30-60 second rest time doing a bit of ab/core work. You get to add some extra ab exercises every single day, and it won’t impact the following set in your workout too. Let’s say you train legs and do some squats. In between sets of squats you do some plans or ab crunches – anything that targets your core without tiring out your legs. Then, you jump right back into your main sets with some squats.

Train With A More Advanced Partner

Training alone can sometimes be good for you as there are no distractions and you can remain focused. However, training with a partner is also good as you have someone motivating you and allowing you to go to new levels by pushing you further and further. This is even better when your partner is a personal trainer or someone more advanced than you. They’ll know exercises you don’t usually do, and can get you doing all kinds of crazy stuff that leaves you flat out at the end of the session.

Slow Down The Tempo

Have you ever walked into the gym and seen those massive guys throwing the weights around crazy fast? It looks impressive, but it’s actually not as intense as if you slowed the pace down and moved the weights slowly. The same applies to any bodyweight exercises too, like push-ups or squats – slow down the temp. The slower you move things, the harder it becomes to move them. You feel every muscle fibre engaging, and the same weight you used for 12 reps suddenly feels heavy at 6 reps down. An excellent way to switch things up and work out with more control over your muscles too.

Start Doing Supersets

A superset is basically a term for any set that incorporates more than one exercise. For example, you do some shoulder presses with dumbbells for 10 reps, then immediately go into front raises for 10 reps with no rest between the sets. Only after both sets are completed will you rest. It’s a killer way to get more muscle fibres straining and working very hard. Way better than your typical single set workouts.


If you want to be a girl that gets gains, then you should try all the tips mentioned here. At the very least, they get you out of doing the same workouts over and over and inject something different into your routine.

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