5 Bad Habits and How to Break Them

Do you have any bad habits? It’s unlikely many of you would say ‘no’ to this question unless one of your bad habits is telling the occasional fib. Chances are, you can probably list a whole range of bad habits that you indulge in, and while they can be hard to break, you know deep down that you need to find a healthier alternative. And that is where we come in, like a Fairy Godmother throwing magical dust everywhere (sorry if it gets in your eyes), we have some advice that will turn your bad habits into something positive. Considering 2018 is on it’s way faster than Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve, there is no better time than now to change our lives and focus on a healthier lifestyle in the months to come.

These are just some of the bad habits that we think you may have fallen into.

1. Smoking

You know, and we know how bad smoking is for you. It even tells you on the packet. Smoking kills – end of! Still, many people still reach for a cigarette, despite the warnings, but it is possible to stop.

Alternative: While the nicotine within the cigarette is addictive, it’s also the habit of having something to hold onto that people crave when smoking. That physical object steadies the nerve, so while nicotine patches can stave the craving, there needs to be something else for those who value that comforting feeling in their hands and mouths. Therefore, consider E-cigarettes and take up vaping as a healthier alternative. Not only do they cut down on health risks, but they don’t smell as bad either, so they are beneficial to you and everybody else around you.

2. Eating junk food

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We are all prone to eating junk food from time to time, especially when we have had a busy day at work and just can’t be bothered cooking when we get home. Picking up the phone and calling our favourite takeaway, or grabbing something from the freezer is easy, but the food we consume may not be healthy. If this is your fallback on a regular period, you need to stop the habit, no matter how convenient. Not only will your waistline increase, but you are also expanding the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses as a result.

Alternative: Quite simply, start eating foods that hold more nutritional value. This means changing up your shopping habits and adding more fruit and vegetables to your basket. Having your pantry and refrigerator stocked with healthier foods, you will be less inclined to reach for anything that is bad for you. When it comes to ordering your takeaway, you don’t need to go for the traditional burgers and pizzas. You can just as easily order low-calorie meals online, which are both tasty and good for you at the same time.

3. Watching too much television

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There is so much tv to watch these days, and we really are spoiled for choice. Aside from the traditional television channels, there are loads of ways to stream shows, which is great for binge-watching, but not so good for our health. In short, watch too much ‘Walking Dead’ and it will be hard to differentiate you with one of the zombies on screen, as you sit dead-eyed in front of the tv for another hour, calling to your partner for ‘more food’ with an outstretched hand and an impolite grunt.

Alternative: You don’t need to watch every new show that hits the airwaves, so cut down on your viewing. Give yourself a time slot when you are going to sit down in front of the box, rather than flopping down on the sofa by default when you get home from work. Then find something else to do. Getting outside is a start, such as going for a walk or a bike ride every day. Not only will this improve your physical health, but exercise benefits your mental health too. You could also take up new hobbies, read a book, visit friends… the list of things you could do is endless, so switch off the tv, and do something different!

4. Being with the wrong people

There’s nothing wrong with hanging around with people, but as you will know from your own experiences, some people are bad for us. While you can’t choose your family, you can choose your friends, so look at the people you spend time with, and ask yourself this question: are they good for me? If they continually put you down, or lead you into other bad habits, maybe it’s time to ditch them.

Alternative: Making new friends isn’t easy, but you need people in your life who love and appreciate you for who you are. Therefore, cut down on the negative people in your life, and meet other people through other social outlets, such as joining a club or a hobby group. There may be people that you have failed to keep in touch with over the years, so if you have fond memories of them, make an effort to see them again, and see if you enjoy their company. Of course, it’s not one-sided, so you need to be a decent friend as well. As the saying goes, ‘like attracts like.’

5. Spending too much money

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We can’t avoid spending money, but you have to admit, you don’t need to buy everything that catches your eye. Whether in the supermarket or on the high street, you need to curb your impulses. You may be tempted to use your credit card or go for a store loan, but you may be hit by high-interest rates, and you will succumb to all the stresses that come with poor financial management.

Alternative: Stick to a budget, so you don’t get the literal and metaphorical headache that comes with the pressure of a financial burden. If you can’t afford to buy something, don’t! Save up for the ‘nice to have’ items, or look for discounted items in the store or online instead of overspending on something that isn’t a necessity. Alternatively, remember to add your desired items to your birthday and Christmas lists, and drop hints on a regular basis. Of course, you may be a billionaire for all we know, so feel free to buy what you want. Chances are, however, you are like the rest of us, struggling to get by on money that just never seems to be enough.


You can probably add other bad habits to this list, so have a think and look for alternatives to the traps you fall into. There are bound to be solutions, and you will feel better if you make the effort to break potentially destructive cycles. As we said, 2018 is just around the corner, so now is the time to change up your lifestyle and live better. Thanks for reading.

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