5 Tips for the Lazy Cook

Hey yall. It’s been a minute. I’ve been in Seattle for the past three and a half weeks hanging out with my friend’s cat, writing, yoga-ing, and gyming. It’s been really fun to experience a new city and get a better feel for the Pacific North West. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Seattle’s greenery and the more laid back feel of the city. This week, we finally started getting some rain, allowing me to live out my romantic dreams of cozy writing with tea and candles. 

One of the few downsides to my little getaway is that I am away from my kitchen. It’s easy to forget how attached I am to my pots and pans until I’m away from them for an extended period of time. I also forget how dependent I am on certain kitchen tools for making some of the semi-fancy meals that I like to make. Rather than getting all wound up about all of the recipes that I can’t make, however, I have decided to embrace the lazy. I wanted to take some time away from LA so that I could slow things down a bit. Making fancy recipes is fun for me, but it does require time and energy. That being said, I have recently been basking in all things simple in the kitchen. 

Today, I thought I would share some of the ways that I’ve been keeping it lazy in Seattle. 

Roast the whole carrot – If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my story from last week where I shameless threw a handful of whole carrots into a baking pan, drizzled them with oil, sprinkles them with salt and pepper, and let them roast. It literally took me less than three minutes to prep. Last week I did this with regular degularly orange carrots from the co-op BUT if you want to fool yourself into believing that you’re being fancy, you can get some multi-colored carrots and leave the stems partially on for some aesthetic flare. 

Buy thin-skinned potatoes – We all love potatoes (and if you don’t – who are you??) but sometimes we can’t be bothered with peeling them. The more that I cook, the more that I become an advocate for buying potatoes that you can cook with the skin on. Red potatoes, fingerling potatoes, yukon gold – they’re all delicious. And all you have to do to tap into that deliciousness is cut them up and cook them however you’d like. I personally recommend par-boiling bunch of potatoes at the beginning of the week and then heating them in a pan with oil to get them nice and crispy when you’re ready to eat them.

Rely on Slow cooker – I don’t actually have a slow-cooker here in Seattle but oh, how I wish that I did. With all this chilly, rainy weather this week, I’ve been craving a nice hearty stew. Yes, I can make said stew in a pot on the stove but it wouldn’t allow me to be as lazy as I could if I had my Crockpot. Click here for a bunch of delightful slow-cooker recipes that I plan on trying once me and Crockpot are reunited in the City of Angels. 

Find your Can Brands – While I’m not a huge advocate of canned food (I just believe that fresh is better) they comes in handy. We’re lucky that in today’s grocery store, we can actually find canned goods that aren’t filled with preservatives and other random chemical ingredients. I recommend familiarizing yourself with trustworthy can brands that you can rely on when you truly can’t be bothered. 

Master the Art of the canned fish + veggie salad – Somewhat in contradiction to what I just said about not being an advocate for canned things, I love canned fish. Canned salmon, in particular, goes a long way in my book. After a long day, I have been known to dump a can of salmon into a mixing bowl with some fresh herbs, leftover roasted veggies, seasoning, and olive oil and call it a dinner. If you want the details, check out this recent recipe post

Alright peeps. That’s all for today. Looking forward to continuing my Seattle retreat and reconnecting soon. 


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