8 Hours in Panama City, Panama

On my way back from Colombia, I had a 10-hour layover in Panama City. I had booked this intentionally because I thought it might be nice to make a quick check in with another Latin American city. 

I was right. 

I got in Panama City at around 8AM. I spent an hour roaming around the airport collecting information to plan my day. I found this great layover guide and I decided I would try to follow it. To my chagrin, I re-downloaded Uber for this trip. With my limited Spanish skills, I was nervous about negotiating taxi rates. When I check the cost of an Uber from the airport to Parque Metropolitano, however, it was 30 USD. That’s way above what I’m generally willing to pay for a single ride, even in the States. So I decided that I would take the bus. I went and got directions from the woman at the info desk and then I set out to the bus stop.

On my way to the bus stop, however, a taxi (having obviously recognized my tourist demeanor) pulled up next to me and asked me where I was going. He agreed to take me to the park for 15 dollars and I took him up on the offer. Once in the taxi, however, the driver, Esteban, offered to be my tour guide for the day. He offered take me to the Miraflores Canals, The Fish Market, The Amador Causeway, The Puente de la Americas and back to the airport for my evening flight for $80. This seemed like a good deal for me so I decided to go for it. 

Here’s a quick photo rundown of the day. 

Panama Canal
Puente de las Americas (not sure what I hair was doing but that’s cool)

Cruising down the highway.

Super quick trip = a super quick post. Apparently it’s pretty common to have long layovers in Panama City so if you’re ever heading to or through South America, I definitely recommend making a pitstop. 


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