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Hi all!

This morning I got back from, what was, an absolutely fabulous weekend in Austin, Texas with three lovely friends. A few months back, some of my favorite travel buddies approached me with the idea of going to Austin for a few days. I went to Austin for the first time back in December 2013 and loved it. There’s so much to the city though – so much to see and so many things to eat – that it was no-brainer when they asked me if I’d be willing to go back. 

I got into Austin on Friday night and the first destination was none other than, Whole Foods. Whole Foods was born in Austin and is home of the flagship store. It’s ginormous and amazing and I was excited to go back and browse. I also hadn’t eaten and was in the market for something quick and yummy. WF all comes in handy for that. 

On Saturday, I got up and went for a lovely run 2 mile run from our AirBnB in East Austin to Wanderlust Yoga in downtown Austin. As you guys know, I’m a huge fan of both more traditional vinyasa classes and more workout-y classes such as the Sweat of Sculpt classes as One Down Dog. I was really excited to check out the yoga seen in Austin and so I decided to start off the weekend with the “YoStrong” class, which is a yoga class with weights. Oh my goodness! It was SO challenging. But amazing. It reminded me a lot of Sculpt at ODD except the room was “heated” instead of “warmed” so as opposed to the mid-80 degree room that I’m used to doing yoga in, I was in a mid-90 degree room. It was intense. There were a few moments where I just had to stop moving, close my eyes, and collect myself, because my heart was beating so fast and I was dripping sweat. Obviously, I loved it. 

After class, I went back to the house, met up with the girls and we headed out for foodie adventures. 

The first stop was the Gordough’s Donut truck. I had been to Gordough’s the first time and so I already knew of it’s deliciousness. I was excited to have the girls try it though. They got the “Mother Clucker” which is a donut with fried chicken……what can I say? #itstexas And then there was the “Puddin” which was a donut with all the fixins of a traditional banana pudding. I couldn’t bring myself to partake in these too much as I had my sights set on tacos. 

 2015-04-11 02.02.05

Genevieve brought her Polaroid cameras and had to recruit unsuspecting souls to take photos for us. 

2015-04-11 02.00.08

The next stop was TORCHY’S!! So if you’re bored and you want to scroll back on my Insta, you will find photos from my first trip to Austin, including one of my tacos from Torchy’s Tacos. This place is absolute taco heaven. ABSOLUTE. I was so excited to go back here. The line was a little crazy but I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. Totally worth it. 


2015-04-11 02.24.50 2015-04-11 03.06.17

I had then had the honor and privilege of going to the 2nd Birthday/Anniversary party of Picnik Austin! I first learned about Picnik through No Cook Paleo‘s instagram account and I’ve been looking forward to going for a while. In true Austin dining fashion, Picnik is a half truck/picnic table establishment set up in middle of a lawn in Southwest Austin. Living up to its description as a “progressive coffeeshop,” Picnik has amazing coffee beverages, baked goods, and simple meals, including its renowned butter coffee, which I was so excited to try. Because it was the birthday celebration, there were “happy hour” specials on all the drinks (Yay $2 decaf butter coffee) and …. there was cake. 

 Amazing cake. 

 2015-04-11 04.14.12

After all the eating, we decided to take a break to go see the Guttenburg Bible – i.e. the first book ever published. NBD.

 2015-04-11 05.13.12

Genevieve was particularly enthusiastic about this. 

2015-04-11 05.07.23

Post-bible-browsing, we headed to South Congress for a little shopping before going back to prep for a night out. I got some a really delicious smelling candle as well as an equally delicious smelling bar of soap from Gypsy Wagon, this super cute store on South Congress Avenue. I was in a “treat-yo-self” kind of a mood. 

After a night out on Rainey Street, I woke up around 8 to get a run in before the girls and I headed outside of the city to the Salt Lick. The Salt Lick is an iconic BBQ restaurant in Texas. Like Torchy’s I had been to Salt Lick during my first trip to and I was eagerly anticipating my return. It was epic to say the least. 

2015-04-12 04.05.41

2015-04-12 04.36.04

Genevieve also made friends with a cat while we were waiting to be seated. 

2015-04-12 02.51.36

After Salt Lick, it was time to go back to the house and recharge (ourselves and our devices) before going to the South Congress Bridge to see the bats. If you don’t know about Austin bats, here’s a quick read. Basically, there is this bridge where all these bats sleep during the day and then they start flying out in huge droves once the sun sets. A ton of people gather on and around the bridge to watch this beautiful ceremony but the girls and I decided to watch the boats in style. On water bikes. 

 2015-04-12 08.33.25

2015-04-12 08.09.29

2015-04-12 08.16.24


2015-04-12 08.18.06


To cap off my lovely weekend. We went to Odd Duck for my last dinner (the girls stayed until Tuesday). This place was absolutely delicious. Beautifully plated, uniquely flavorful dishes. Perfect was to say toodles to Texas. 

2015-04-12 10.30.47

2015-04-12 10.34.28


2015-04-12 11.05.14

And now I’m back in LA and dealing with the consequences of running away for the weekend. 

Story of my life. 



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