Away Bigger Carry-On Suitcase Review


So I’m at this point in my life where I get really into random adulty things… like suitcases.

So today I’m here on the blog to review the Away Bigger Carry-On that I been using for my most recent travels.

Between traveling to Chicago 2+ times and a year and sharing/exchanging duffel bags and suitcases with my mom, I somehow misplaced the carry-on that was a part of my luggage set. Being fierce dedicated to that #carryononly life, I set out to make a purchase. In true millennial fashion, I exhausted all the reviews and blogs to try to find the perfect carry on. I had seen some ads for Away on social media so I decided to look into it further. I was immediately drawn to the aesthetic of the luggage. Super clean design with interesting color options. Beyond the look, I was pretty impressed with the amount of research thought that had obviously gone into the concept of the product. They offer both a carry on and a “bigger carry-on” that is technically larger than the standard carry-on dimensions but that still fits into the actual sizers. Who would have guessed that the sizers were actually a little bigger? Also, a USB port for charging your phone – game changer. Here’s a quick review of the Away Bigger Cary-On features.

Organizing Compartments – One of the things I love about the Away Bigger Carry-On is that it makes it easy to stay organized. The mesh zipper compartment is perfect for separating shoes and toiletries from your clothing for quick access. In my case, I used it to hold my students’ midterm exams that I took with me to grade. #teacherstruggles I also found it useful for throwing in small souvenirs that I collected throughout my trip. 

Laptop sleeve – I have mixed feelings about the laptop sleeve. On the one hand, I love that it’s there. It’s well designed so that your laptop is protected by your items on either side. It’s also big enough to hold your laptop in a soft case for even more protection. The downside to this is that because it’s so tightly packed in, it’s really hard to access. This means that removing your laptop for security or before taking your seat on the plane is a pain. I would recommend keeping your laptop with you as your “personal item” until after security, or after you land at your destination if you plan on using it during the flight. This is less of an issue if your have TSA Precheck because you aren’t required to remove your laptop from your bag. 

360 Wheels – So lots of suitcases have these. I don’t know that the 360 wheels on the Away Bigger Carry-On are anything particularly special. That being said, as someone who had never owned a suitcase with 360-degree wheels prior to this, I was really happy that my new purchase had this feature. Really came in handy while navigating busy airports. 

Phone charger – This is clutch. I’m pretty good about keeping my technologies charged when I’m traveling but I loved the security of knowing that if I ended up in a pickle, I could rely on my suitcase to give my iPhone some juice. I tested it out for good measure at Heathrow and it worked like a charm. 

Laundry bag – Simple feature but I really enjoy it. I always forget to bring a plastic bag for laundry when I’m traveling so it’s nice to have it as a built-in feature. I used it to store my gross workout clothes in between sink washes and it kept the smell from contaminating the rest of my clothes. 

So that’s my quick take on the Away Bigger Carry-On. If there are any specific questions about this suitcase, comment below! 

Disclaimer: This post was in no way sponsored by Away. I purchased the suitcase and chose to review it on my own volition. 

16 thoughts on “Away Bigger Carry-On Suitcase Review”

  • Hi! I am traveling to Europe soon for month and am debating to go with the standard carry on or bigger carry on.
    1. How much more do you think you could pack into the bigger?
    2. Will I be stopped if the bigger carry on is not the right size?

    Thanks! Any help appreciated!

    • I Laura! If you are flying with low-cost European airlines (i.e. EasyJet, Ryanair) between European countries, both the carry-on and the bigger carry-on will be too large. The sizers for those carriers are below standard so you would have to invest in something smaller if you were looking to travel on these airlines and not check a bag. You shouldn’t have an issue with either bag if you are flying with bigger, intercontinental companies. As far as how much more you can fit, I can’t say for sure since I don’t own the regular size carry-on but I imagine that it would be a matter of 1-2 extra outfits. It’s a great bag. Hopefully this is helpful!

  • Hi There!, I just wanted to know what your experience is with flying with the “Bigger Carry-on” Did you have any issues fitting it in the over head compartments….did you have to do anything special to make it fit (Setting it on its side, normal loading with wheels in….or wheels out?)
    I will be flying with this on United for my journey and just wanted to know what your experience has been.


    • Hi Kim! I didn’t have any issues with this bag. It fits into the overhead bin just fine. You just have to turn it so that it’s facing you horizontally (so that the wheels are facing the inside of the compartment). Turning that way, it works perfectly and there is still a bit of room in front to store a sweater of a jacket if need be.

      • Thanks for this! Also did you happen to test it in those carry on bins at the airport? I always wondered if anyone put theirs in there just to test it.

        • Hi Kim. I just got back from another international trip with this bag and did not check in the sizers. That being said, I had no trouble at any of the airports that I flew through (Los Angeles, Medellin, Panama City). I will definitely check it for good measure that next time I’m at the airport though! I’m curious now. haha

  • Hi Sabrina!

    How much of a charge would you say it holds? Does the packaging provide additional technical details?
    Your review was just what I needed to complete my research – I’m ready to go, ‘Away’!! = )

    Thanks, and keep on striving for greatness!
    Sonia L

    • Yes! There are technical details that come along with the suitcase. I’m honestly not sure how long it holds the charge. I *think* I remember reading that it should be able to fully charge your phone at least two times before needing to be recharged but I wasn’t able to find that online.

  • Hi – What do you think about the handle? I just bought one and haven’t used it yet, but the handle felt super flimsy. Even without anything in the suitcase, it was twisting all around. Thanks!

    • Hi Alecia. Are you referring to the main handle that extends for pulling/pushing or the one on the side. Either way, I haven’t had any issues with any of the handles and I’ve definitely used both. Not sure what you mean about the twisting. I haven’t experienced that with mine. It would be possible that there was some glitch in manufacturing??

  • Hey, wondering about Spirit airlines? You said this wouldn’t work with European airlines but does that mean Spirit or WOW would be out of the question? I might just get the bigger carry-on anyway but would love to check it before hand so i don’t get charged.

    • Hi Heather. Since you have to pay for a carry-on for Spirit anyway, I think this would be fine. It certainly wouldn’t qualify as the free “personal item” that they allow you since the dimensions for that are super small. Hopefully this helps!

  • Have you flown JetBlue with the bigger carry on? I am trying to determine if it will work (or if I need the carry on). Thank you!

    • Unfortunately I have no flown with JetBlue with the bigger carry-on and I’m not familiar enough with them to know how their boarding/baggage process works. I haven’t had any issues with any of the carriers that I’ve flown with though.

  • Hello,

    I will be flying from Dallas to Philadelphia on American Airlines this coming holiday season. I am going back and forth between getting the carry on vs the bigger carry on and was wondering if you have flown out of this airline and if you had any issues with your carry on having to be gate checked. I know American Airlines can be a little more tricky with their carry on preferences.

    Thank you~

    • Hi Kate. I have not flown with American since I have had the bigger carry on but I recently flew with AeroMexico and it looks like their carry on requirements are smaller than AA. I actually put the bigger carry on in the AeroMexico sizer at the check-in desk and it fit perfectly (and it was stuffed!). That being said, I think AA would be fine but I can’t testify with my own experience.

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