Is Your Bedroom Harming Your Health?

On average, we spend around a third of our lives in our bedrooms, so with that in mind, it is no surprise that the state of our bedrooms can have an impact on our health. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that our bedrooms only impact the amount of sleep that we get and not our health, but that isn’t true – our bedrooms have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing, from our levels of stress and anxiety to our exposure to toxins and allergens.

Bearing all of that in mind, the question is how can you determine if your bedroom is damaging your health? It isn’t always easy to work out whether your boudoir is as health-friendly as we would like it to be, but by taking note of the tips and advice below, and implementing changes to your bedroom’s design and layout, you can ensure that your bedroom is a wonderfully healthy space.

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Keep mold at bay

A lot more bedrooms than you would think have mold in them. This can be caused by leaks above or condensation from windows. Mold is common in bedrooms – a lot of bedrooms have it, but it isn’t noticeable enough to be an issue. The issue with mold though is the fact that it can be so detrimental to your health, causing all kinds of health problems from respiratory issues to fungal nail infections – in some instances, it can be really serious.

Signs that your bedroom has a mold problem is waking up with a stuffy nose or coughing a lot in the mornings. This is because mold spores can aggravate allergy symptoms causing wheezing, sneezing, and eye and skin irritation. The best thing to do to deal with mold in your bedroom is to bleach the surface and use a dehumidifier to keep the humidity of your room low. Don’t have a dehumidifier? An air conditioner can work just as well.


Prevent dust mites

No one wants to think about their bedroom being filled with tiny bugs, do they? But the truth is that dust mites are present in almost every bedroom. The reason that dust mites can be so detrimental to your health is because they exhibit a protein that can trigger allergy-like symptoms, such as sneezing and coughing. You might not be able to see them, but if you haven’t taken steps to keep them out of your bedroom, then they will be there.

What can you do to keep dust mites at bay? You can replace your mattress and pillows on a regular basis – mattresses should be replaced every five years and pillows every couple of years. When it comes to choosing new pillows and a new mattress, what it is important to do is select hypoallergenic options – find out more online from – as this helps to keep dust mites at bay. It can also be beneficial to pick hypoallergenic coverings for your mattress and pillows. Another thing that you can do to keep dust mites away is get rid of your carpet and swap it for hard flooring – hard flooring is less likely to harbour dust mites whereas carpet is often filled with millions of them.

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