Gym Gear Essentials

Image When Usain Bolt heads off to train, or when Eddie Hall heads into a competition, do you think that they would go without the right equipment? Setting out for success in any area of your life means having all of the right things – […]

Five Great Excuses to Have a Spa Weekend Alone

In the busy world we live on, we hardly have time to reflect on where we are going in life and what we want to achieve. If you feel burned out in your career or would like to get more clarity in life, maybe just […]

Maintaining Healthy Habits for the Modern Professional

Photo Credit We’re all living hectic lives, and it can be challenging to keep up with our routine of trying to stay healthy in a fast-paced world. There are meetings to attend, deadlines to meet, and after a hard days work all across the city, […]

Don’t Be Deceived By Food Labels

We all want to eat as healthily as possible, ensuring that the fuel our body gets is of a high quality and high nutritional benefit. Thankfully, we live in an age where healthy eating is taken seriously. The internet is packed with advice on the […]

3 Tips for Transitioning from Anti-Persperient to All Natural Deodorant

I’ve found myself discussing natural deodorants a lot recently. Most people have become hip to the not-so-great ingredients in most commercial anti-perspirants but many struggle to make the transition to an all natural alternative. I was first scared into using all natural deodorant by my […]

Tips for Caring for your Feet

Pixabay We use them every day but many people still forget to take proper care of them – I’m talking about our feet! They may not be the prettiest part of your body, but they still deserve some proper TLC every now and then. In […]

Avoiding Stomach Discomfort

Source There are few things in life more uncomfortable and unpleasant than stomach problems. They can often leave you completely incapable of doing anything but lie in bed feeling sorry for yourself. Not only that, but it can often feel as though there’s absolutely nothing […]

Avoiding Small Illnesses

Paying more attention to those smaller health matters can save you from feeling down and ill. You just need to know how to care for yourself better and not let minor health problems get the better of you. Of course, it’s easier said than done, […]

How Will You Take Your Christmas? Warmed, Chilled, or Magical

We’re running out of time for the Thanksgiving preparations, but there’s still plenty of time to plan your Christmas holiday, especially if you’ve decided to grant yourself a little tour of the best Christmas markets and Christmas fun in the country. After all, while it’s […]

Habits for Maintaining Youth

If you are wondering whether your looks are genetic or you can do something about looking younger, the answer is that there are certain features that influence how old you look. Have you ever wondered why some people can effortlessly look ten or even fifteen […]