Cardio Ab Row Machine Workout

Hello lovlies!! As I tried to convey in my last post, life is a bit crazy at the moment. The good news is that despite the reality that this semester is going to be absolutely insane, I feel really good about it. I’m on campus […]

Started from the Bottom: A Half-Marathon Tale

After four loooooong months of training, I finally completed the La Jolla Half Marathon this morning!! I feel awesome to say the least. Though everything has been building up to this day, it really isn’t the race itself that makes me feel accomplished. More than […]

Paleo Week 2 + Workouts

(Spaghetti squash “paste” with homemade chicken sausage meet sauce topped with scallions) Ciao belli, Firstly, I want to apologize for the lack of recipe posts. Things have been a little cray with entering the last few weeks of classes (yes the last three weeks of […]

This Week in Workouts + Paleo Challenge Week 1

(This seemed fancier when I made it but now that I’m describing it here…it’s just tilapia and sauteed veggies :P) So I’ve officially made it through one week of my one month paleo challenge. Well it’s technically only been 5 days but I kinda started […]

This Week in Workouts (including interval strength workout)

Hiya, Here’s what I’ve been up to this week on the workout scene…. Monday Run (6 miles) To the SilverLake reservoir and back just like 10k training. 🙂 Tuesday Gym – Interval Workout My class got canceled at the last minute on Tuesday so it […]

My Week in Workouts

Hey guys, This (extremely flattering) photo is from when I was in Manila last year. I was fortunate enough to have a great circuit training class twice a week at the gym of the international school where I worked. The instructor, Rich, took this picture […]

Hump Day Equipment Free Total Body Planks and Squats Interval Workout

I’m not sure about you guys but by Wednesday, I could always use a little pick me up to give myself strength to get through the rest of the week. This workout is perfect for a quick burst of energy before or after a long […]

My Running Story + Runner’s Core Workout

Bonjour mes amis, As mentioned in one of my posts, running a half marathon is on my list of fitness to-do’s for this year. I’m honestly quite nervous about this whole ordeal. I first started running while I was studying abroad in Paris in Fall […]

The Weekend + Full Body 30-Minute Workout (with tabata cardio intervals)

Ciao Ciao, I’m including these photos mostly because the rest of this post is extremely text heavy but also to tell you guys about my exciting urban hiking adventure on Saturday. I found this group of hikers on meetup and decided to join them for […]