How I Celebrated Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I’m sure many of you have multiple email accounts. Most people have at least two – a “serious” one for the stuff that is actually pertinent to your everyday life and one for less pressing matters such as gossip blog digests and retail sales. Sometime around last Wednesday, my “not serious” email inbox started to flood. On any given day, this account gets a healthy amount of emails from various retailers, fashion blogs, fitness magazines, etc. but this past weekend was insane.

As I’ve mentioned here, I’m not a big shopper. Yes, I like nice things but I’m very much a quality over quantity gal at this point in my life. I don’t particularly enjoy shopping and a la KonMarie Method, I try to only surround myself with material things that bring me joy. So why am I subscribed to all of these lists, you may ask??

I ask that, too. 

I honestly hadn’t thought about the irony of this until my inbox exploded. Why am I signed up to constantly be prompted to buy things given the lack of value that I supposedly place on material things? 

My relationship to consumerism has significantly changed over the years and it will surely continue to evolve. While I obviously enjoy material comforts, I am also overwhelmed by the idea of owning so many things that hold little meaning. I have also become critical of the ways in which I rely on consumption to perform identity. 

I realized that my email subscriptions to so many brands represented a weird reluctance to pull away from the abyss of consumerism.We live in a world where buying things, whether we need them, want them, or even truly like them, is the norm and that conditioning is strong. I rarely bought anything, but I liked toying with the idea. I would often convince myself that I “needed” something that was on sale, put it in my cart, and then convince myself not to buy it at the very last minute. Scrolling through these sites and filling up my cart gave me a feeling that I can only describe as a high (apparently this is actually a thing). It also served as a distraction from doing the things that I should actually be doing – the things that add value to my life and move me towards my goals. 

So how did I end up spending my post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend?

Clicking the unsubscribe button. 




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