Create the Comforts of a Hotel Suite at Home

Few of us go on vacation for the sake of the hotel room. We go away because we want to travel. The hotel is just a practicality at best. But, if you go away often, you may find that your accommodation becomes part of the fun. Nothing beats the excitement of seeing your room for the first time. And, you can be sure the time away will be well spent if your hotel room is a winner.

If you are one of those people who love the hotel as much as the time away, you may want to bring that style into your bedroom at home. After all, these are bedrooms which have to look impressive. So, you could do worse when it comes to your design choices. Of course, not every aspect of the hotel would work in your home. Most of us don’t need mini bars in our bedrooms. But, there are some features which could work well. For a decent idea of what they are, head to sites like To get your started, let’s consider a few of the basics.

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The bed as the centerpiece

Your bed is probably the focus of your bedroom as it is. That’s just the nature of the space, and most of us do this without even meaning to. But, even a bed which forms your home centerpiece may struggle to reach the grand heights of hotel options. Think about it; what do you see first when you enter a hotel room? Most times, it’ll be a magnificent bed which is sure to draw the eye. We’re talking the best mattresses, bought using guides like the one found at Comfort is, after all, key to customer happiness. We’re also talking about grand bed frames and headrests. It may even pay to have an assortment of pillows on board.

Remain neutral

For the most part, hotel rooms use neutral colors. Browns and greys and popular, but cream can also work well in the space. In most cases, this is because hotels aim for mass appeal. Bright colors may not be to everyone’s tastes. On top of which, they hardly create the relaxing atmosphere most of us want in our hotel rooms. Plus, keeping things neutral makes them look crisp and clean. And, that’s something most of us appreciate in our hotel rooms. If this image is something you enjoy when staying away, it could pay to get neutral in your bedroom.

Make more of your window

Aside from the bed, hotel rooms usually have a real focus on the windows. Most times, this is because they include balconies. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t apply this method to your bedroom. Big windows have the benefit of providing decent light, and striking views. All of which is sure to work in your space. So, think about making more of the windows in your bedroom. Make them bigger if possible. Even if not, lighter curtains or ornaments on your windowsill could attract attention.

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