Cruising in Contrast: Beaches or Lights?

Image Credit: Pixabay

Travel is a very personal experience. Some people just want to get to their resort and then lie by the pool until the bus comes to take them home again; others treat traveling as a part of the experience and love to find new ways to see the world. One of the best ways to achieve that is on a cruise ship.

Though you might think of a cruise as a holiday choice for your stuffy elderly relatives, there are lots of cruise holidays to try that attract a younger clientele and provide plenty of opportunity for exploration at your various destinations.

Cruise routes can be found all around the world, taking you to the most spectacular coastlines you can find. But, if you are looking for a real contrast, here are two completely different routes that are sure to make you want to travel.

Sun, Sea and Sand

If sun, sea and sand sound like your sort of thing, a cruise starting from Florida and working through the Bahamas is sure to make you happy. There are a few hotels here that will make you welcome before you set sail such as Wyndham Garden Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port and from here you will be able to see cruise liners crossing the horizon.

As you head towards The Bahamas, the real joy of this trip will become apparent. There are 700 islands on the archipelago, and the water here is some of the clearest on the planet. This is ideal because it means that all you need is a snorkel and mask to be able to enjoy the coral reefs and the abundance of fish to be found here.  

The Bahamas isn’t just about the sea and sand, though, there are also plenty of opportunities to luxuriate in spas and enjoy a massage or two on your trip. You won’t even have to leave the beach.

The Northern Lights

Norway is a spectacular country with an amazing array of fjords and a chance to see the northern lights. Cruises here are perfect as you can work up or down this fabulous coast and experience the culture here.

A natural starting point might be the capital city, Oslo. In the fastest growing capital city in Europe, there is a sense of change and innovation that is exciting to behold. The new buildings contrast wonderfully with the old, demonstrating both the heritage and the future of the Nordic city. When you come to Olso, you really must take some time to visit the Viking Longships that were discovered in the 19th century.

Your cruise will almost certainly pass through the historic town of Bergen too, which is considered the gateway to the fjords. Here, the scenery is just fantastic and if you are lucky, the northern lights will appear and take your breath away.

Wherever you choose to cruise, and whatever you are looking for, a cruise is ideal for seeing new places, experiencing new things and opening yourself up to new ideas. Surely that is what travel is all about.

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