“Death by Dumbbells” Workout

Hey guys! 

Excited to share a new workout with you guys as I haven’t shared one in quite some time. I’ve been consistently doing gym workouts on campus twice a week this semester in addition to my yoga practice. I’ve moved away from doing any machine cardio and instead have been doing more challenging strength training in the form of AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) or HIIT (high intensity interval training). I usually aim for somewhere between 20 and 25 minutes of total work using weights that challenge me. On my bus ride over to the gym, I create my workout, skimming through past workouts (which I keep in the “Notes” on my phone) and screencaps from fitness folks that I follow for inspiration. Yesterday, I happened to stumble upon this *gem* of a workout from Emily Schromm and I was really excited to take on the challenge… 

And what a challenge it was. I had NO IDEA how hard this workout would be. I thought- simple moves, 10 reps each, 5 rounds. How hard could it be? After round 1, I knew that I was in for way more than I’d planned but at that point I had to power through….

“Death By Dumbbells” (modified) 

Equipment: 1 set of dumbbells of a weight that is challenging for you (I used 25#)

5 rounds

  • 10 rows
  • 10 cleans 
  • 10 overhead press 
  • 10 squats 
  • 10 lunges (5 on each side) 
  • 10 burpees*

Check out this video by Emily Schromm to see how each of the moves is done. 

Time yourself! Try to beat your time the next time you do it! 

The original original workout doesn’t include 10 burpees at the end of each round but instead calls for you to do 5 penalty burpees every time you put the dumbbells down. I actually saved myself some burpees by including them this way since I had to put the dumbbells down more than I would have liked. Pick your poison on this one! 



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