Debunking Common Excuses for not Drinking Enough Water

You need to drink more water. WHoever, you are, whatever you do and wherever you’re reading this from, it’s statistically likely that that assertion is accurate. Pretty much everyone is aware of the myriad benefits of staying hydrated. It helps our skin to look younger and healthier, it helps us to manage our appetite, facilitating weight loss, it prevents us from storing too much fat, it boosts our mood, improves our workouts and even helps to keep our brains as sharp as possible… There are few things so simple and yet so beneficial… Nonetheless, the majority of us aren’t drinking enough water. We stumble from soda jolt to espresso hit feeling sluggish and struggling to concentrate because we keep on making the same old excuses that we lean on to absolve ourselves from drinking too little water. Let’s have a look at some of the old favorites and how to debunk them…

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Water tastes nasty

This is unquestionably the most common. People insist that water either tastes unpleasant or boring. The simple fact is that water on its own rarely has a taste, and any mineral deposits that might sit in your plumbing system and affect the taste of your water can easily be filtered out. Cool, crisp, clean water rarely needs enhancement, it’s refreshing enough on its own. If you’re still unsure, try a bottled water with fruit or simply slip a few slices of lemon, cucumber or lime into your water. You’ll get all the benefits of hydration with none of the empty calories or artificial stimulants found in commercial soft drinks.


Plastic water bottles damage the ocean

Couldn’t agree more. Plastic water bottles are anathema for the environment and the sooner we all stop using them, the better. But if you think that’s a good enough reason to deprive your body of the fluid it needs to stay healthy, think again! If you’re concerned about the environment, invest in a reusable water bottle and top it up at home, at work or at whatever restaurant, bar or cafe you happen to patronize.


I don’t have time to keep going to the water cooler

Seriously? Make time. A trip to the water cooler will take a maximum of a couple of minutes and your employer is unlikely to prohibit you from making this trip unless they have a seriously good reason. Take as refillable bottle and make the trip two or three times a day and you’re all set. Simply coming in 5-10 minutes early and filling up can make a huge difference.


Eww, it looks cloudy

We’re conditioned to look twice at anything we put into our bodies that doesn’t visibly conform to our expectations, but if you’ve drawn water from the tap but are thinking twice because it’s a little cloudy, worry not! The cloudiness is likely just air bubbles caused by the temperature of the water rather than a testament to the presence of something nasty lurking within. Besides, unless you have a seriously faulty water filtration system in your home your cloudy glass of water is unlikely to contain anything as harmful as your average 0 calorie diet soda!

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