Deconnecting to Reconnect: Weekend Camping in Ojai Valley

Hey friends, 

Those of you who follow me on the Instagram might know that I spent this past weekend camping in the Ojai Valley. I went with one my Meetup groups and it was a great way to re-center and recharge after having had little time to recuperate from Spring semester before jumping into TAing for the summer. When I found out that there would be no cell service at the camp site, I made the decision to go completely technology free (aside from my digital camera) for the weekend. I turned off my phone and ditched my iPad once we got there. I was ready to disconnect from the interwebs so that I could reconnect with myself and the lovely people with whom I was sharing the experience. 



We got to the camp site around 4:30 on Friday evening and got everything set up. I had never put up a tent before so I had to tap into my inner girl scout to get things done. I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly things went. I was sharing a tent with the event organizer so once ours was put up, I floated around to help some of the others with theirs before starting to get things set up for dinner. 


A couple of people brought camping stoves so we were able to make ourselves some solid eats. The first night was paella with shrimp and chicken sausage along with rice and pasta salad. I wasn’t eating rice or pasta so I had a hearty helping of the paella which was super paleo friendly…



…unlike the s’mores that I made in the campfire after dinner. 😀 The campfire was, hands down, my favorite part of camping. One of the girls on the trip, who’s also about the paleo life, referred to it as “paleo television.” The smells, the warmth, the flames in the night. It was mesmerizing and perfect.



The next day, we got up early. I was eager to break out my mat and do some flows, especially because my body was achy from my first night of tent sleeping. After my yoga session, I joined the group for a delicious breakfast of chorizo and eggs and then we set out for some hiking. 

IMG_1913 IMG_1916 IMG_1906 IMG_1904


It was hot, but the mountains were lovely. 

After hiking, we drove into the town of Ojai for the rest of the afternoon to stroll around and check out the shops before going back to the camp site for dinner. 

The next day we had breakfast and packed up before heading out to this awesome cactus farm. 

IMG_1927 IMG_1924 IMG_1923 IMG_1920


From the cactus, we took a brief stroll on the walking/bike path before grabbing some tacos and getting back on the road to LA. It was a quick trip but just what I needed to reset myself. 

Now that I’m back and re-centered, I’m embarking on a 38-day mind/body challenge hosted by one of my favorite homies at One Down Dog, Alexis Novak. You should check out her instagram (@alexisgirlnovak) for details about the challenge and keep an eye out for my instagram posts throughout the challenge period. Now that the summer has arrived, there are a ton of fitness challenges going on but what’s different about Alexis’ is that it’s designed for us to challenge not only our bodies but also our minds and our spirits by setting goals in different areas of our lives such as relationships, finance, health & fitness, and professional in order to promote a more holistic and balanced approach to personal growth and bettering. As a part of my “Heath and Fitness” goals, I am, again, cutting out added sugar in hopes of 1) getting my sugar cravings under control 2) giving my body that extra push before I put on y bikini for the first time this year.

I’m excited about what this next 38-days will bring. 

I’ll keep you posted. 




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