Ethical Eating in Europe

Eating plays a huge part in travel. Getting stuck into the traditional dishes of a place is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture. In fact, national dishes often reveal a lot about a country’s history and values. So, it makes sense that you’d want to try out the local delicacies.

But, it would be naive to assume that eating abroad is all plain sailing. The majority of us now try to eat ethically when we’re at home, by sourcing meat from places we trust, or even shopping organic where possible. Unsurprisingly, it’s harder to keep up the same standards in other countries. Not to mention that, different countries have different standards. If you aren’t careful, you could end up contributing to unethical practices that you don’t agree with. And, given that we travel in an attempt to lighten the emotional load and find happiness, it’s far from ideal.

Because of the standards that I have for the meat that I consume, I have been making an effort to eat vegetarian when I’m out and about.  Sure, it means putting in a little extra effort to find food you can eat. But, it’s worth the research if it helps put your mind at ease. And, to help you on your journey, here are some of the best ways to find vegetarian options in three European capitol cities.

Rome, Italy

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If you’re looking for somewhere with mass vegetarian appeal, Rome is the place to head. Wherever you eat, you can be sure there’ll be plenty of choice. There is, of course, the option of authentic Margherita pizzas. There’s also sure to be a variety of tomato based pasta dishes unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. If you want to take things further and try vegetarian specific cuisine head for restaurants like Il Margutta, where you can buy vegetarian twists on Italian classics.

Prague, Czech Republic

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Traditional dishes in the Czech Republic usually consist of either pork or beef. But, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Book up those cheap flights to Prague, then do your research. In no time, you’ll find that there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. In fact, you could even go vegan with restaurants such as MyRaw cafe in Stare Mesto. Here, you can find a myriad of raw vegan treats. Indian restaurants also offer vegetarian options, and you’ll find those in droves!

Madrid, Spain

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Spain is a surprisingly tricky country for vegetarian eating. Again, many Spanish restaurants make the fish mistake in many of their ‘vegetarian’ dishes. But, in the country’s capital, there are vegetarian options to take advantage of. Yerbabuena is a popular vegetarian restaurant which also offers vegan cheeses as alternatives. Portions are hearty, so there’s no chance of leaving hungry. Or, you could head to Rayen Vegano, which offers vegan home cooked options to die for. Again, research is all it takes to find these and the many other delicious options on offer.

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