Explore the Wonders of New York State

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When you hear people talking about visiting New York, chances are that they are thinking of the great city. Broadway, The Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty – there are lots of reasons that the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. But there is another, less well known New York.

The State of New York is not just home to the Big Apple, it forms the southern bank of Lake Ontario and the southeastern bank of Lake Erie, sits just next door to the Niagara Falls and is home to the Lake Erie Wine Country, the largest grape growing region East of the Rockies.

The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes stretch from New York State right up to Minnesota through 8 American states on the southern banks and Ontario on the Canadian side to the north. Together, they span 750 miles from west to east and are an wondrous sight to behold.

On the banks of Lake Ontario, Rochester is probably the most popular city for visitors to New York State. Here, there are all sorts of attractions popular with families, such as The Strong, a museum of toys and play. The nightlife is also impressive with plenty of clubs, bars and coffee lounges to choose from.

Buffalo is another popular lakeside city on the east bank of Lake Erie, and just 25 minutes away from the famous Niagara Falls. Lots of tourists make the home of the Buffalo wing their base camp for their visit to the Falls and enjoy the art deco architecture as much as the natural wonders.

Wine Country

Though New York state may be on the border with Canada, the cold winter weather does not stop the 30,000 acres of grapes grown here in the Lake Erie Wine Country. In fact, the cold weather means that out of the growing season, this region becomes a popular destination for skiing holidays.

Many of the grape varieties grown are intended for eating not drinking, but the introduction of European grapes has transformed the region, which now produces all sorts of wines from bold reds to dry whites. One of the best places to make the most of this region is Fairway Suites at Peek’n Peak, where they organise tours of the grape growing areas.


The United States is famed for its large areas of wilderness and though New York State might be one of the most populous states, there is still a large area of wilderness protected by the state. One of the most beautiful and scenic routes, The Range Trail is very popular amongst hikers looking to explore the rugged landscape.

With so much to offer, New York State shouldn’t be overlooked as an opportunity to get back to nature. Lakes, mountains, wilderness and wine all contribute to the incredible landscape here and create an amazing contrast to the city. It might not have the bustle and excitement of the city, but it certainly brings a thrill to everyone who visits.

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