Fending off Back Pain

It has been estimated that around 80 percent of adults suffer from back pain at some point during their lives. This is a startling number and sufferers will tell you just how debilitating it can be.

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If things start to get serious, you can click here to take a look at professional chiropractic services. There are also plenty of steps that you can take yourself which may help out, so let’s run through a few of them here.


Move Away from the Screen

Bad posture is one of the most harmful things for your back, but many of the devices that we are surrounded by such as TVs, computers and smartphones encourage us to sit in hunched over positions. So, making an effort to limit your screen time can make all the difference. When you are using electronic devices, make sure that you maintain proper posture and take breaks on a regular basis.


Adjust Your Office

Many people’s jobs are office-based these days, which encourages a sedentary lifestyle and, in turn, makes it more likely that they are going to suffer from back problems. So, this is why it is so important that you think about the ergonomics of your office. Start off by positioning your monitor at eye level a minimum of 20 inches away from your face. A comfortable chair is always going to be a sound investment with armrests and lower back support. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your elbows close to your body while you are working.


Low-Impact Exercise

When you are suffering from back pain, it may feel like exercise is the last thing that you want to do, but regular physical activity is important. A few things that you could try include going out for a brisk walk, swimming lengths, and practising yoga. Essentially, you are looking to keep yourself at an optimum weight and give your back an extra level of strength and flexibility.


Sleep Well

Sleeping is another common cause of back problems, so you need to make sure you are lying down the right way. Sleep on your side in a relaxed position with your knees bent close to your body. If you are struggling to maintain this throughout the night, placing a small pillow under your neck can help to keep your spin in its proper alignment.


Practice Meditation

You may not naturally think of meditation as a way of relieving your back pain, but it can actually be a very powerful tool. Studies have shown that people who meditate can cope with all kinds of pain a lot better. There are also numerous other mental and physical benefits closely associated with meditation including managing anxiety, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.

Try out all five of these techniques to deal with your back pain. Many of these things are also preventative so even if you are not suffering right now, they can help to stop issues in the future.

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