Films Scores for your Study/Work Playlist

Recently, a teacher friend of mine (hey Steph!) and I were talking about study habits. She teaches fourth grade and she’s been thinking about how to more actively help students learn how to study by identifying their own individual study styles. She asked me about my own study routine and I ended up telling her my whole graduate student life story. We talked about how the first four years of my graduate student career have been a series of self-experiments – me trying to figure out how to hack myself in order to be the best little PhD student that I can be. I told her that I prefer to work in very active spaces, such as coffeeshops, as they require me to very deliberately tune out my surroundings (usually while listening to pop or ratchet hits from the 99 and the 2000) and tune into my work. When I am working at home or in a quiet space, however, I usually play film scores to break the silence without being overly distracting. It also makes me feel super classy. 😉 I thought it would be fun to share some of the music that has recently been in my film score rotation in hopes that you all might also enjoy them. I would also love if you could comment with other suggestions. This dissertation thing is all about the long game so I’m certainly going to need to keep the playlists fresh! 


Breakfast at Tiffany’s





The Social Network

What music do you listen you when you work or study? Anything recommendations? 


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