Find Joy through a Healthier Life

Believe it or not, happiness comes from a healthy lifestyle. Many of us might wince at the thought of running more than a few yards or eating more vegetables but there’s more to living healthily than that. It’s about finding balance in your lifestyle. Once you do that, your body and mind will feel better and you’ll wonder why you didn’t break the unhealthy cycle sooner. It’s no great secret that physical and mental health are linked. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed then you might want to start looking at the way you treat your body.

Essentially, you can find joy through living a healthier life. That isn’t to say you’ll never feel sad or stressed again if you simply start exercising, but looking after yourself can certainly do a lot to improve your mind. Again, living healthily isn’t just about improving your physical state; there’s a lot you can do to directly target your mental health and break the negative cycles in which you might frequently find yourself. It all starts with being brave enough to make a change to your daily routine. Here are some ways to find joy through living a healthier life.

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Work on your physical health.

The best way to improve your physical health is to improve your diet. The things you consume have a massive effect on your body and mind. It’s your gut bacteria that controls the mind, in a sense. The more junk you eat, the more rotten you’ll feel. That might seem like quite a simplistic reduction but that’s because it really is quite straightforward. You need to get into a healthier eating pattern so as to improve both your physical and mental health. This doesn’t mean you need to start reducing your meals to a few pieces of fruit and veg; you still need a full and varied diet but it also needs to be balanced and moderated. Calories aren’t evil; it’s all about whether you’re filling yourself up with empty calories. Your body needs sustenance to be healthy so you need to get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. As long as you’re getting a healthy dose of things such as calcium, carbohydrates, protein, iron, and potassium then you’re getting the variety you need. You can even allow yourself salt and sugar but, again, you need to moderate your consumption.

Of course, the other important way in which you need to improve your physical health is to become more active. You don’t need to become a professional athlete in order to exercise effectively. You just need to get your body moving every day. And it’s not time-consuming to get a healthy dose of daily physical activity, even if you’re a busy person. Schedule 10 minutes for exercise in your lunch break at work or before you slump on the couch at home. Go for a run around your block or do some push-ups in your front room. The point is that 10 minutes of strenuous activity will barely make a dent on your day time-wise but it’ll make a huge impact on your health. It’s not just about weight loss. Exercise keeps the heart healthy, improves your immune system, and helps to combat mental health issues. You really can find joy through living a healthier life.

Work on your relationships with others.

The state of your mind is obviously the main thing that affects your happiness and that’s tied to all aspects of your health, as we’ve been discussing throughout this article. The best way to improve your mental state is to maintain good relationships with others. Maybe you’re a social butterfly or maybe you’re quite introverted. Either way, we all depend on social contact to keep our minds alert and open to new ideas, experiences, and lessons. You might underestimate the impact of simply working a little harder to strengthen your relationships with others. A hard day can sometimes be washed away by a 5-minute conversation with a friend you haven’t seen in a few months.

Most importantly, it can feel good to give something back to other people too. Building bonds with others will make them feel fulfilled, whether it feels that way or not. You should check out The Avatar Course if you want to learn about more ways to spread compassion to people, whether they’re friends or strangers. Forming a connection with others will make you happier but it’ll also be a selfless act because you’re helping to make others happier. True joy is found through human connection. Reduce your isolation and you’ll improve your mental health.

Work on your relationship with yourself.

Of course, you need to work not only on your relationship with others but your relationship with yourself. It’s always going to be hard to find true joy until you start paying more attention to what’s happening in your own brain and that’s why so many of us feel stressed or anxious on a daily basis. We’re so busy with our hectic lives that we don’t take the time to reflect on our own thoughts. You push your worries and problems aside but that only makes them fester and become more damaging to your mental health on the whole.

The way to remedy this is to learn more about your inner thoughts. Find a few minutes here and there to meditate. Let your mind relax and focus on more than just the present-day responsibilities that are stressing you out. You should also take on difficult challenges in order to see what you’re capable of achieving. This could help you to appreciate your mental strength and develop a better relationship with yourself.

Work on your sleeping pattern.

You’d be surprised by the power of a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation can massively impact your mental state. You’re starving your body of the energy it gains from this recovery process and this can certainly impact your mood, leading to depression, anxiety, and all the other mental issues we’ve discussed so far. If you want to live a healthier and happier life then you need to work on your sleeping pattern. Make sure your bed is comfortable so that you’re not just getting 8 hours of sleep but also giving your body the necessary support to recover properly and prevent aches or pains.

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