Finding Workout Motivation

We’ve all been there. Everything was going great with your fitness regime and then suddenly you get struck by a batch of workout-laziness. This may seem like nothing at first; it’s just a few missed trips to the gym, nothing more. But this feeling snowball’s and suddenly you find yourself using any excuse possible, even accompanying your in-laws to The Dust Museum. Yup, getting lazy is bad news, which is why you need to snap out of it right now.


The longer you stay out of the gym – or your running gear – the harder it will be to get enthused and motivated to take it up again. Luckily for you, we have pulled together a list of tips and tricks to help you get your gymspiration back in gear.

Get Your Playlist In Order

It is the dreaded chore, but having an uplifting playlist you can jam into your ears can have a hugely positive impact on your motivation. Not only does music (you love) have the ability to make working out feel less like work, it can also improve your endurance. The problem here is, well, you’re suffering from laziness, which means tidying up your playlist probably won’t happen. The solution: head to Spotify; they have pre-made workout playlists.

Buddy Up, Baby

It could be your BFF, a coworker or the person sat next to you on the bus right now, either way, having a workout buddy is a great way to boost your morale. Your motivation will skyrocket, your results will be amazing and you’ll also have the social aspect in which you can natter, rant, cheer each other on and pick each other up. Just make sure you have a forfeit in place so that the first person to flake on your gym sessions has to do something unpleasant, like pay for the coffees and the manicure that follow.

More Than Just A Gym

The reason why you found yourself knee-deep in the lazy swap to start with is probably because most workouts get boring, tired and tedious very quickly. That is why you should join a gym that offers more than just free weights and a few treadmills. You’ll get all this and more from In fact, you’ll get group exercises, free kids club, personal trainers and 24-hour access to name just a few of the little extras. That’s what you want. You want to know that you’re effort (read: packing your running shoes into your work bag) will be worth it.


Author and happiness expert Gretchin Rubin advocates “pairing” a desirable activity with a less desirable one as a strategy to motivating yourself to do the less desirable activity more. For example, if you love trash TV (and why wouldn’t you), maybe you only allow yourself to watch these shows when you’re on the treadmill. You might be surprised at how much more appealing walking or running becomes when you get to do it while absorbing the latest drama of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. 


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