First Post from Abroad!

Hello hello!

Feels so good to be posting. I’ve been having trouble logging into WordPress on my iPad due to my lack of technical savvy but I finally figured it out. I’ve been in Amsterdam for 10 days now. So crazy to think about. Only 6 more days before I move on to Roma. I’m really excited about it. I’m currently updating on my iPhone so I’ll provide more details about my time in Holland and my course a bit later. For now, I’ll just post some photos to give you guys and idea of what I’ve been up to. Also, if you follow me on Instagram @girlwiththehipsterglasses (I finally changed my username) you can get a more frequent look into my adventures. I also didn’t get to post the second part of my packing post before I left so I will try to get that up soon and let you guys know how the “carry-on only” life has been going for me thus far. :/



Amsterdam in all its glory.

Only took me a day to find a delicious decaf almond milk latte. #winning

Sam being cute after turning in her Master’s thesis.

Sam lives in student housing in Amsterdam and they only have kitchenettes with no oven so…I figured out how to make frittata on the stovetop. Success!



Celebratory feast. After my friend Sam turned in her Master’s thesis, we celebrated with ribs and potatoes from Cafe Deklos (known to be the best ribs in Amsterdam) followed by apple pie and fresh mint tea from Cafe Winkel. The crust on this pie was absolutely to die for. So worth it.

Amsterdam showing off again.

Mmkay. Now that I know how to get logged in, I will definitely be updating. Really looking forward to sharing my trip. Ciao for now.


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