Fitness Feature: 305 Fitness

305 Fitness

As I’ve talked about before, I love starting my day with movement. This usually means some yoga, whether at home or at a studio, or a mini-dance party in my bedroom. Today, however, I was #blessed with the magic of 305 Fitness

For those of you who don’t know, 305 Fitness is a Miami-inspired dance cardio workout designed to transport you from your everyday life into a spicy night club. The lights, music, and choreography challenge you to tap into your body and into the moment as you sweat out everything that’s not serving you. 

Right now, 305 Fitness operates primarily on the East Coast, with studios in New York City, DC, and Boston. Earlier this year, they began doing pop-ups in LA and I’m thrilled that I got the chance to join in on one of these. 

305 Fitness

When it comes to my workouts, I’m generally anti-dance. I loooooove dancing for a number of other purposes, but getting in shape isn’t necessarily one of them. I love lifting heavy things and have always opted for the HIIT class over Zumba at the gym.

305 Fitness changed the game for me. It was such a good time. The choreography was easy to follow, yet fun and intuitive to the body. Everything was designed to let you ride the wave of the beat and tap into that bit of sexiness from which many of us typically shy away. There was booty-popping and chest pumping and I was all the way here for it. 


If you’re on the East Coast and you haven’t checked out 305, I highly recommend dropping in. Go to a morning class if you need a little extra boost to start your day or drop by after work to shake out all the b.s. You’ll be so happy that you made some time to let loose and sweat.  

LA folks, keep your eyes and ears peeled for pop-ups throughout January! 


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