Five Favorites: Seattle, Washington

If you follow in real life or on the soc-meeds (social media for those of you not up on the lingo), you know that I had the privilege of spending 6-weeks in Seattle, feeding, rubbing, and generally basking in the glorious presence of this guy.

This was my second time in Seattle (you can read about my first visit here) but because I was there for an extended period, I developed a different relationship to the city, and particularly to the Fremont neighborhood where I was staying. Here are some of places that color my memories of the Pacific Northwest city.


I absolutely love this place. The ingredients are top quality, locally sourced, and amazingly prepared. I think I ate here three times over the course of my last three weeks and it was satisfying every time. The pho, congee, and hash are my favorites!

Green Lake

One of the most praised characteristics of the Pacific Northwest is its green-ness. Coming from LA, I made sure to bask in the lush Seattle environs. Green Lake quickly became my go-to place to go for a stroll. It’s about three miles around and offers great backdrop for living your best life.

Fremont Health Club

            This was my gym home when I was in Seattle. It’s a small, local gym that offers a well-equipped floor and a healthy offering of group classes. I loved that the classes were capped (I think the biggest was 9 or 10 people) which meant that instructors could offer individualized attention, which pleases my only child mentality. They also offer drop-in packages if you’re in Seattle for a visit and want to stay on your A game while you’re on vacation.

Bala Yoga

I had visited Bala the first time I was in Seattle and I took some great classes. I was really excited to go back and take more classes there. I primarily took classes with Gabriel and Richard . I also did an awesome continuing education workshop on sequencing with Audrey, whose classes are amazing.

Flying Apron

Gluten-free and vegan bakery that was literally a three-minute walk from where I was staying. This place motivated me to get out of bed and work on my dissertation on some of my rough mornings. It’s amazing what this girl will do for some gluten-free coffee cake and a matcha latte. I stand in my #basic truth. 

Gasworks Park

This little gem was a stone’s throw away from me (see what I did there) but I didn’t actually make it to Gasworks until over halfway through my time in Seattle. It’s a beautiful, hilly green space that offers amazing views of the city and some really cool industrial urban architecture.

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