Five U.S. States to Consider for Your Next Stateside Travel Adventure

The USA is always a popular destination when it comes to holidaymakers. There is something about the all American vibe you get the moment you step off the plane. It really has it all, doesn’t it? The great cities, the fun and exciting parts, the culture, the beautiful scenery and the coastline. However, there are often states that are overlooked. Perhaps because there is a main attraction, or simply because you just don’t know what is there. So I thought I would share with you some of the best states to visit.




Heading to the most eastern point will bring you to the state of Florida. Packed full of vacation hot spots to consider in 2018. Maybe you want to live it up in Orlando and head to the famous studio parks or even Disney world. Perhaps you like the idea of glamming it up in Miami. Enjoying cocktails on the beach front or embracing the hispanic charm. Or maybe take it easy in resorts like Beach Place Guesthouses. Florida is a real popular state to see in the US.


Georgia is a Southeastern state with terrain that spans coastal, farmland and mountainous regions. Atlanta is the shining star of Georgia. It’s a city worth considering a visit if you have never been before. Atlanta is rich in history dating back to the Civil War in the 1960’s. Having also played host to the Olympic Games in 1996, there is a lot to take in from this vast city. It would be the perfect place to pack the whole family off to.


Heading west you will find a great US state of California. It has so much to offer for any type of vacation. You could enjoy the show business vibe of Hollywood. Heading to Los Angeles is always going to be a highlight. Or maybe you want to explore and look at other locations like the vibrant city of San Francisco. Taking in sites like Alcatraz and the golden gate bridge.



Heading South brings us to the state of Texas. This state has very mixed terrain of forest and pine mixed with desert surroundings. Whether you like the idea of people watching in San Antonio where you can sit and relax in a riverside cafe in one of the most multicultural cities, or want to take advantage of some of the best live music around in the capital of Austin, there really is a lot for everyone in this state. Finally, who wouldn’t love the chance to visit NASA in Houston.



Home of country music Tennessee is definitely a state that could provide you with the well-earned break you deserve. Of course, there are some of the obvious hotspots that could be definitely worth a visit. You have the capital Nashville, which has an amazing museum of the history of country music. You also have Memphis which is the home of Elvis Presley’s Graceland. It is a landlocked state, but don’t let that put you off from heading there as it could provide you with a lot of memories worth making.

I hope that this has inspired you on some of the locations to consider this year.

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