2017 Goal-Setting

Hey yall! 

It’s that time again. 2016 is rapidly coming to a close and though many of us are ready to bid this year farewell, entering a new year comes with its own stress. While goal-setting is a part of my everyday life, there is something special about the end of the year – a certain anxiousness to move into what we perceive to be a new temporal space of possibility. I’m not naive enough to believe that I’m going to wake up on January 1 a new person. I am not delusional enough to think that all of the questions that I’ve struggled to answer over the past 26 years will magically be answered. In other words, I am grounded enough to know that on January 1, 2017, I will still be a hot ass 20-something mess. 

Despite this reality, I am eager to move forward. So much has happened in 2016 – not all of it amazing, not all of it terrible – and despite having many concerns for our future, I am optimistic. This past year has brought me so much intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth and I can’t wait to continue building in 2017. 

Here are a few of the practices that I’m hoping to continue and/or implement. None of them are grandiose. All of them are very intentionally concrete. And I truly believe that all of them will, in some small way, help me to move towards being the person that I want to be. 

Sabrina’s Self Care Sunday – Sunday mornings will be for working and writing. 12pm forward will be for restoration and mental preparation for the week. 

Write EVERYDAY (aim for an hour) / Schedule it!  – After all, I am officially dissertating. 

Home asana practice once a week – I learn so much from taking classes with other instructors and students at my studio but I’ve really grown to value the experience of flowing at home. I want to consciously put energy into cultivating this aspect of my yoga practice, especially as I move into teaching more. 🙂

Continue Daily Meditation – I’ve been consistent with taking 5-15 minutes of morning breathwork and meditation for the past few months and it’s been magical. I finally think it’s become compulsory and I look forward to it as a way of coming into my day.

Hike at least once a month – I love hiking. I live in LA. I need to do it more. Period.

Dress better – This is probably the least trackable/measurable goal on the list for the upcoming year. I’m not super into fashion, it’s just not my thing. I also workout a lot so I’m always sweaty. But I do move through the world differently when I feel like I look good. 2017 is all about living my truth and feeling the best I can in my body so I plan to put a *little* more energy into my physical appearance this year. I don’t do makeup but I did purchase a new lip tint (Generation G) and eye brow buffer (Boy Brow) from Glossier* that I’m pretty excited about. 

And that’s that! What do you all have planned for 2017? 


*Glossier did not sponsor this post. They are just a company that I’m trying at the moment. If you decide that you want to try their products, use my link to get 20% off your first order. 

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