Gym Gear Essentials


When Usain Bolt heads off to train, or when Eddie Hall heads into a competition, do you think that they would go without the right equipment? Setting out for success in any area of your life means having all of the right things – including what you wear. You dress to impress at a job interview, to seduce on a date, so why would you take less care when choosing your clothes for the gym?


Any shirt that you wear should be made with a breathable material, and hopefully contain moisture-wicking technology. Your sweat glands work over time while you’re working out. And your torso takes the brunt of it all, so whatever you wear needs to be able to cope with it. You’ll find that a cotton shirt is permanently marked after a few uses, where a gym shirt will keep on going. Being able to absorb the sweat will also help to prevent friction and sores developing.


Where it isn’t advised that you wear a sweatshirt while working out, when going to or from the gym, you need to wear a jacket that will help to maintain your body temperature nad not let it drop too quickly. Which is where a stateline sweatshirt would be perfect; a lightweight but warm sweater is the best for the job.


Your shorts need to change depending on your workout. If you’re going on a bike ride, then tight shorts will give you support, and bike shorts come with padding to stop sores on the butt and for a bit of cushioning for the family jewels. In the gym, a combination of spandex under shorts and looser overshorts is a winner. The tight and breathable material of the first layer gives you support and prevents friction and a build up of sweat. The over shorts are just for modesty.


Again for your travel there and back, and for the lighter workouts, joggers are a great idea. But you need to choose function over fashion. Cotton joggers might be comfortable and look great, but do they do the job? While working out you’re going to be heating up, so you need to wear things that allows that heat to escape and not build up. Think of your little soldiers baking in a cotton oven – not so great an idea.




Again, your shoe choice will differ depending on the activity. Biking and climbing have their own design, and the style differs whether you’re running inside or out. Overall you need a pair that will over support and cushioning for your feet, and hasa good enough grip for when you’re lifting weights.




If you’re conscious of creating calluses on your palms, then wearing gloves is a must. If not, you still need to think of the strain you’re putting on your hands. Look into tape support for your fingers and wrists.

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