I’m Back!!

Hello hello!

It feels so good to be updating after a couple of weeks of being away. As many of you might know, I ran off to the East Coast for a week to frolic with lovely people. It was an awesome 10 days. I got to see sooooo many people that I love and miss. Though I was in some great cities, my motivation for traveling was to spend some quality time with people that I haven’t seen in a while and I’m SO glad that I took the time.

Because I was running around, hanging out with amazing people for my entire vacation, I am (of course) waaaay behind on my class work for this week. That being said, this post is mostly a recap of my vacation through pictures with a few captions just to give you guys an idea of all the fun I had. I must admit, I don’t have as many pictures as I should. I’m realizing the irony of me being a blogger given my lack of propensity to take pictures. :/ I’m working on it, however. Hopefully I’ll have it together in time for my summer adventures (which I’m oh so excited about!).

Surprisingly, there is only one food pic. Womp womp. I know. It’s shocking. The lack of pictures, however, does not mean that I did not have some great gastronomic adventures (including one on first night in NYC that I got FO FREE from the lovely friends that Sabine and I made at the resto). I easily get caught up in the flavors, non-traditional beverages, and good company and neglect to hit the button on my iPhone. I promise to make it up in delicious recipes in the weeks to come. I’m already plotting a delicious post once I get through this crazy week!


photo 1

photo 2(Classy) wine adventures on the Upper East Side

photo 4My hostess with the mostest in West Harlem

photo 3Fashion debates at drunch

photo 3So this is why visiting the East Coast is awesome. I lived and studied with these lovely ladies when I studied abroad in Rome in Spring 2011. We haven’t seen each other since. One one of my nights in New York, we came together for an amazing evening of wine and cacio e pepe, an Italian dish that holds the utmost sentimental value. Oh the memories!



photo 1Back Bay coming to life at 7 in the A.M.

photo 5So this apparently is a scorpion bowl…

photo 2Brian soaking up some culture at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston

photo 4 photo 5 photo 1Interactive print-making demonstration. So fun. I love being artsy.


District of Columbia (it sounds so much cooler with you say it full out)

photo 2 photo 3Dessert and Jimenez. Two of my favorite things.

photo 1Me in an elevator. Please, contain your excitement.

photo 2The whole idea behind this pic was that we could take another one at night once we were all dolled up and ready to go out for the night. After a few glasses of prosecco and red wine, however, we failed to actually make that happen. You’ll just have to take my word that we clean up nicely.

photo 2My life in a nutshell after having engaged in too much debauchery.


Mmkay. That’s all I have. Not too exciting, I know. BUT…..I’m about to get serious about my recipe game especially since I’m going to be starting a 30-day paleo challenge with my roommate, George, next week. I’ll explain later….

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