Improving Wellbeing with Personal Technology

For the age of technology, technology sure is getting a lot of heat nowadays at just about every corner. People are preaching the risks of extended exposure to computer monitors or mobile phones and the like, but no one really talks about how technology can help with your wellbeing. Believe it or not, there are ways in which you could use your phone or laptop to help with your health, or fitness. It might seem strange to say at first, because the topic is not usually touched upon outside of Apple Watch adverts. Let’s look at a few ways in which you could help yourself look after your health with the help of some personal tech.

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Fitness apps

Both the Apple AppStore and Android marketplace are riddled with fitness apps of all shapes and sizes. Chances are they also vary in quality, so do some prior research before you purchase some. Considering your phone now probably has a built-in GPS and pedometer, the possibilities of tracking your fitness routine are almost endless. Or that’s how they like to present it anyway. Coming with features such as goal-setting, workout routine recommendations, running routes, motivation and just about everything in between, you can see why the market for them is still growing. Whether you are interested in doing some cardio, aerobics, or you just want to pump iron, there will be an app for you.


In the days of old, if you felt like you’re catching a bit of a sniffle or a cough, you had to trudge over to the store whether you liked it or not. No matter how much your bones felt creaky or how much your head felt like your brain is bouncing off your skull, someone had to make that journey. Truly, those were barbaric times, fortunately for us all, you can now do things like shopping on the internet. That’s right, even pharmacies now have virtual counterparts on which can find prices and products you are after right now. You probably won’t even have to wait very long considering the recent push towards next-day or even same-day delivery services. It really is a lifesaver.

Better mental health

This might seem like some pseudo-science, but it is 100% fact. Being happy, is just healthier for you, and a device such as a phone is very much able to provide some form of happiness to its owner. Be it through the means of funny cat videos which are basically just serotonin in video form, or social media which keeps you in touch with all your friends. It is easy to feel lonely in the age we live in today, which is well known for its long working hours and harsh working conditions at times. Having a bit of an escape from the sometimes-bleak reality that’s possible at any time via a device which fits in your pocket, seemed like science fiction just a few decades ago. Of course, there is also the completely opposite side of the spectrum which suggests that spending too much time in front of a monitor just receiving mindless, passive entertainment leads to depression and a lack of willingness. You could say there can really be too much of a good thing after all. It is up to you to make the best of the perks we are given without overdoing it on either side, after all, balance is the key.

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