How to Keep January Fitness Motivation Going throughout the Year

At the start of a fresh new year, we make ourselves promises with the best of intentions. We want to manage our money better, see friends more, stop smoking and exercise more. However once the novelty wears off it becomes increasingly difficult to stick to these plans, and before we know it we’ve fallen off the wagon completely. While we’re early in January chances are you’re feeling very motivated and going strong, but at some point in the next few weeks you’re likely to hit a wall. It’s cold and dark, you’re tired from work and going to that gym sessions seems far less appealing than an evening on the sofa with some tasty treats. However if you plan ahead and know that your motivation will slide after a while, there are some things you can do to stay on course and live that healthier life in 2018 that you were so set on. Here are some ideas for keeping the January motivation going!

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Invest in a Fitness Tracker

There are lots of fitness trackers on the market these days, and they’re a fantastic way to monitor your health. Keeping track of things like heart rate, minutes exercise, steps walked and hours slept, having this information available to you in easy to read graphs and charts can really make all the difference. Not only does seeing this motivate you to want to do more, but it means you’re not over estimating the activity you’re doing. One mistake people make is feeling like they have been more active than they have, whereas this allows you to see much more accurately. You could set goals such as ‘exercise for four hours a week’ ‘walk ten thousand steps a day’ ‘climb ten flights of stairs a day’ or ‘walk for three miles a day’ and your fitness tracker will monitor these things and let you know how you’re doing. They’re a simple band that you wear on your wrist just like a watch (and tell you the time too so you don’t need a watch as well!) and can be a great way to help you to stay motivated.


Find Activities You Enjoy

If getting up at 6am for a run in the cold, dark and rain before work doesn’t sound appealing- don’t do it! If slogging it out in a jam packed gym makes you feel uncomfortable, think of something else! Exercise shouldn’t be a chore, these days there are a million wonderful ways to get your body moving. How about going swimming, or joining up to a team sport like basketball, hockey or football? Maybe you could play badminton or tennis with a friend, family member or work colleague? Perhaps a dance class is more your style, it could be anything from boxercise to zumba to something more traditional like salsa dancing- a fun way to spend an evening with you partner perhaps? There’s trampolining, yoga, even things like going paintballing or laser tag at the weekends will get you running around and active. Walking is a seriously underrated activity and going out on hikes and dog walks can be really enjoyable- get yourself a good pair of walking boots and head out to woods, rivers, meadows, beaches or any other cool scenery you have locally to you. You get some fresh air, and will probably find loads of great photo opportunities too.


Get Yourself Some New Workout Clothes

It might seem shallow, but feeling good about yourself when you workout can definitely motivate you to want to work out more. At the very least, you want clothes that don’t make you feel self conscious so you can head to the gym, your sports centre or workout class and get on with what you’re supposed to be doing instead of worrying about your appearance. Brands like Proud Athletics for example have lots of different styles and pieces available, so it’s worth looking online and seeing what would work for you. Whether you’re a gym leggings and tank top/ sports bra kind of person or all about baggy jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, find workout clothes that you like and are comfortable in.


Sign Up With a Personal Trainer

If you know that your motivation starts to wear thin and you start slacking after a few weeks, why not sign up with someone who will kick your butt into gear? A personal trainer will help you to stay focused and motivated, and you have someone who will ensure you keep on going when the going gets tough. They will be able to assess your goals and let you know exactly what kind of exercises you need to do to get there, and recommend things based on your body weight, composition and build. Personal training doesn’t come cheap but see it as an investment into your health. To save costs, you could see your trainer once a week, and then stick with the exercise plan they have given you on the other days of the week. If you need that boost, it could be a great way to ensure you’re sticking to your goals and you’re not able to just throw in the towel when you start getting fed up!


Follow a Diet Plan

Finally, sticking to an exercise regime can be tough if you’re not making great choices in other areas of your life. Often, following a healthy eating plan at the same time can give you more motivation as you’re going all in- plus you will see results more quickly. Forget the crash diets and starvation, aim to clean up your diet and fill up whole foods over processed ones. You need to fuel your body to get the energy to exercise, but don’t overestimate how much you need. Otherwise you could cancel out your good exercise progress. If you’re using a personal trainer, they will be able to recommend you an eating plan that will suit you.

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