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Hey guys!

Long time, no post. The past couple of weeks have been transitional. And from what and to what am I transitioning you might ask? I’ve basically been having a hard time moving from my summer work life to my summer leisure life. It might sound weird but it’s actually pretty awkward to go from having a super crazy schedule to having a super laxed one. It’s a bit of a shock to have entirely open days where you don’t have to do anything or go anywhere particular. I know all of the non-students out there probably think I sound ridiculous but it is quite an adjustment. I’ve realized that I’m at my best when I’m either full on or full off. I struggle with the in between. Because I am working at the writing center on campus twice a week and because I should be studying for, or at least preparing to study for, my qualifying exams next year, I’m in this weird spot between summer mode and productive mode. It’s uncomfortable for me. And the past couple of weeks have basically been spent with me reveling that discomfort and consequently, being M.I.A. My days have all blurred together in a sea of yoga and Netflix and I am slowly but surely trying to find some higher definition. 

I still haven’t quite found my balance but I’m working towards it. I have set some very minimal, totally reasonable, goals for the rest of the summer. I’ll be away visiting family in Atlanta and Chicago for most of August so I’m not being too hard on myself about my lack of productivity. If I’ve learned nothing in my 24 – soon to be 25! – years of living is that things tend to come together. I always pull it together when I need to but I also require a lot of personal time and that okay. I think I may just need to take my summer as a summer rather than succumbing to the grad school pressure to constantly work. My dedication to having work/life balance has been making my question whether I want to build my life in the U.S., where the work culture can be so toxic. I’ll probably end up running off to work at some university abroad where I can be free….but I digress! This is whole other story for a whole other day. 

Somewhere in the craziness of this summer, and perhaps as an attempt to inject some structure and focus into my life, I decided to run another half marathon in the fall. On October 18, I will be running 13.1 long San Franciscan miles as a part of Nike’s Annual Women’s Half Marathon. In order to participate in the race, you have to enter a lottery and be randomly selected. I did not do this, as I had no intentions of doing a race anytime soon. There is a girl in my running group, however, who was selected and will not be able to train because of a recent injury. She posted on our FB group about someone taking her spot and I started playing around with the idea. I was really surprised that I was even considering it because, as I said, I had NO intentions of doing a race anytime soon. My relationship to running has been a bit weird lately. I typically run to yoga a couple of days out of the weeks, which is about 3 miles. On Saturday, I might do a longer run with my group, usually no more than 5-7 miles. As I walked back home, immediately after finishing an 8-miler with the crew on Saturday, I thought to myself, “Was I really thinking about doing that half? That seems nuts.” And then by the time I actually got back to my apartment, I thought, “It’s only 5 more miles than I just did, right? Why not.” And that was all she wrote. I love San Francisco and in spite of – or perhaps because of – the hills, it’s a great city for runners. I’m excited to take part in the event and have an excuse (not that I ever really need one) to get up NorCal again.

So that’s probably the most excited thing that’s happened since my last post. I’m thinking of doing some kind of journal of my training on the blog. Not sure what that might look like yet. I definitely plan on posting my plan once I organize it and perhaps some of my running playlists as those will be critical to my success. 

Ciao for now. 



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