Maintaining Female Friendships

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A little while ago, a post appeared on this blog entitled ‘The Girlfriend Code…’ If you haven’t read it already, you can check it out and see what you think. For the eternally lazy, the gist is that some women don’t have female girlfriends and us ladies can do more to play nice. It’s a man’s world, and the females need to band together there is ever going to be real change in society. With that in mind, it makes sense to throw out a few tips on how to be better friends. Not to presume that you don’t know how to do it, but maybe you wouldn’t mind some inspiration?

Here are the basics according to Monique Elise.


Use Time Wisely

There are only a select number of hours in a lifetime and we can’t let them pass us by on a daily basis. Yet, lots of women lose touch with the people they love because, and this is a quote, ‘life got in the way.’ Yes, unfortunately, boys have a big role to play in a hoes life even though they are annoying. But, a BF should never come in between a BFF. As soon as you feel the relationship slipping, you should be sure to make an effort. It’s amazing what one text or phone call can achieve.


Screw Geography

Careers aren’t an exact science. So, it isn’t rare for a working woman to have to move city and state to achieve her dreams. If friends stay still, there is bound to be a gap. Just because you may not be as close as before doesn’t mean the relationship is over. Screw geography and location and embrace technology. Not to sound like an old woman, but Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger all have video calling software and are amazing. All you and your girlfriends need is an internet connection and a spare sixty minutes.


Party Up

No one should condone taking life advice from DMX. He’s a legendary artist, but his choices have been suspect. Still, the song ‘Party Up’ is a calling to all the ladies in the world that want to be closer to their BFFs. The lyrics have no meaning whatsoever, but the concept of going out drinking and bonding is priceless. At, you can hire a party bus and do it in style. Or, you can hit up a local bar drink jello shots until 3am and then feast at McDonald’s. What a way to spend a Saturday night.


Meet Them All Over Again

Http:// has some great pointers, and one of them is to relearn what makes them tick. As women grow apart, it’s easy to stop learning. After all, you know so much about each other already, so what’s left? Sure, their childhood and early experiences are formative, but so is the here and now. Making an effort to understand what’s going on in the present will bring two girlfriends closer than ever before.

What do you do to keep loved ones close?

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