Make a Summer Bucket List

Cucamongo Peak with DTLA Running buds – Totally worth the 8 hours and 12 miles (in retrospect). 

Summah summah summah time…

Summer has arrived! As a forever student, I have the fortunate pleasure of summer vacation and it’s always so timely and welcome. I was listening to the most recent episode of the Happier podcast this week and they brought it to my attention that there are so many poor souls in the world that don’t have a distinct marker of summer as I do as a grad student (go figure). Gretchen and Elizabeth, the hosts of the show, were discussing the importance of marking the season with activities and it occurred to me that even as someone with summers off, I don’t fully take advantage of my vacation. I had already pondered the idea of a summer bucket list but after listening to this episode, I was inspired to see it through. 

Despite technically being on summer vacation, I actually have a fairly busy agenda through August. Right now I am TAing and working 4 days a week at the Writing Center on campus which puts me on campus Monday- Thursday 8-4pm. This may not sound like a lot to you 9-to-5ers (or 8-8ers) but for me, it’s a bit intense compared to the liberal graduate student schedule that I’m used to. The good news is that the course I’m TAing is only four weeks long and only has about a week and a half left. As of yesterday, however, I officially starting yoga teacher training at One Down Dog, so two weekends of each month will be filled with that. And then, there’s always my research…

I have enough going on this summer that it would be easy for me to neglect all of the fun things that one should do in the summer, especially as a student. Since lists have proven to be very effective for motivating me to actually get things done, I knew that a bucket list would do the trick. I aimed to balance the list with things that are a little more elaborate – that might be a little expensive or take up an entire day – with smaller things that I could do with friends on a whim. Here’s what I came up with: 

  1. Harry Potter World
  2. Six Flags
  3. Picnic with a friend in the park and/or on the beach 
  4. Weekend overnight getaway 
  5. Yoga in the park and/or on the beach 
  6. Yoga –> Brunch –> Pool day at the Line Hotel with ODD
  7. An evening of live music 
  8. One movie at Street Food Cinema 

Anything else that I should add to this list? Are there any things that you’d like to scratch off of your summer bucket list? 


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