Making Space: The KonMari Method

IMG_6822Spring is here people!!

Regardless of the literal and figurative shade that mother nature might be throwing towards the Midwest and the East Coast, Spring has arrived. Weeks ago we sprung forward to add length to our days. Students like myself took vacations and (ideally) came back refreshed for the rest of the school year. It’s a season that we often associated with brightness and new beginnings. 

Though spring has always had this connotation, it’s never felt more real for me than this year. Being done with my exams and deemed ABD, I want nothing more than to cleanse – emotionally, spiritually, and spatially. A few weeks ago, I jumped on the bandwagon and began listening to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo on Audible. While the celebrity hoopla surrounding this book as well as the drama evoked in the title made me skeptical, I must say that I do feel as though my life has been changed. It’s not because Marie says anything incredible profound, necessarily. But there is something about this text that really resonates with me at this moment in my life. While The Life-Changing Magic was extremely helpful for helping me organize my room, which has pretty much been a mess since I began hardcore studying for quals, I find that it holds so much relevance for other aspect of my life. The spring is a great time to make space in your home – getting rid of material things that don’t spark joy – but it’s also a great time to making space in other areas of your life as well, opening yourself up for new opportunities and new adventures. Just as we must make room in our closets for new ensembles, we must also make room in our minds and in our hearts for new life beginnings. It would be a shame to miss out on any of the amazing things that life has in store for us because we didn’t take the time to make space. 

To wrap things up, I just thought I’d conclude with some “before” photos of my room just to show you what a nightmare it was. I can’t believe I was livin’ like this…




Per Kondo’s advice, I took all of my clothes from my closet and drawers (photographed above) and went through each of item to decide if it sparked joy or not. I ended up with two trash bags full of non-joy-sparking clothes to donate. I also took library books back to their homes and organized that I own. Went through printed articles and syllabi to organized them into my file box. Having a less cluttered space has definitely contributed to my happiness. There is nothing like coming home / going to bed / waking up to an organized space. 


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