Mexico City: Part 3

Hey guys! Back for the last time to finish up my recap of my trip to Mexico City. It’s been so fun reliving this experience through writing and photos. If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2, I highly recommend that you go check ’em out! 

Day 5

The next morning, Sy and I slept in until 10 or so and then went to the central bus terminal to grab a bus out to Teotihucan, an ancient Mesoamerican city.  It took a bit over an hour each way. The trip there was a bit dramatic, as the buses allow people to stand. This meant that it could get pretty packed. At one point, someone decided to play some music. This was a nice idea in theory but in reality everyone was peeved. The site itself was pretty incredible. There were two bigger temples that you could climb in addition to smaller ruins along the major path (what would have been the major thoroughfare of the city). We were starving when we got there so we went to search for this restaurant that Sy had read about. (If you couldn’t tell, Sy was the mastermind/researcher behind everything. I was just there for the ride.) The restaurant, La Gruta, is located just outside of the grounds. The space is a massive cave with tables on two levels. It was such a unique space, incredible to take in. The food, much like everything else that I ate during my trip, was fab.



After we were fueled up, we went and casually climbed some pyramids!





By the time we got back to the city and then to Newton’s place, I was pretty tired. There was also an incredible thunder storm that night – probably the most intense that I’ve ever witnessed, even growing up in Chicago. Newt and Sy went out for a night on the town but I opted to stay in a watch the few episodes of Fresh Prince Season 1. By the way, Fresh Prince is available on Netflix in Mexico but not in the U.S. What’s up with that????!!!

Day 6

On the last day, we got up, got packed and then went to a swanky brunch. It was a lovely meal to cap off an absolutely amazing trip. I’m so grateful to have experienced yet another wonderful place with wonderful people. Looking forward to going back to Mexico soon and doing more exploring. There is so much more to see.

Thanks so much for going on this 3-blog-post journey with me. Have any of you guys been to Mexico City or other parts of Mexico? How did you like it? 


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