Moving Towards Minimalism: Project 333

Last week, I wrote a little bit about my attempts to live a more minimalist lifestyle. This week, I am starting to put my money where my mouth is by setting myself up to participate in Project 333.

What is Project 333?

I first learned of Project 333 from the documentary Minimalism, which I watched a few weeks ago on Netflix. 

I was intrigued upon initially hearing the concept. I immediately went online and began to do more research. Project 333 is basically a 3-month challenge during which time you only wear 33 articles of clothing. Don’t worry. This doesn’t include not including workout clothes, underwear, sleep/lounge-wear and jewelry that you never take off.

Why am I interested In Project 333?

As I spelled out in last week’s post, I have been increasingly drawn to minimalist living. After using the KonMari method last Spring, I have become more attentive to my relationship with things, and clothing in particular. The beauty of Project 333 is that it provides parameters that will allow me to push myself further in my journey to live life a bit more simply.

What am I hoping to gain from this experience? 

I hope that my participation in Project 333 will remind me of how little I actually need to be a happy human being. It’s so easy to lose sight of this and I believe that committing to this challenge will help establish a philosophical foundation for me moving forward.  

On a more practical note, Project 333 will be great stepping stone for helping me transition into my goal of having a capsule wardrobe. While I do not plan to live with only 33 items of clothing for forever, this challenge will help me drastically reduce the size of my wardrobe and define my personal style. I hope to come away with a better understanding of what kinds of clothes make me feel good in order to buy more strategically in the future.

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