My Week in Workouts

Hey guys,


This (extremely flattering) photo is from when I was in Manila last year. I was fortunate enough to have a great circuit training class twice a week at the gym of the international school where I worked. The instructor, Rich, took this picture to put on our facebook group page as an example of what happens when you take circuit (i.e. perfusive sweating). I thought it would be a fun workout post throwback.

As you know this whole blogging thing is still pretty new for me. When I initially conceptualized Girl with the Hipster Glasses, I imagined that it would follow my journey in the kitchen and in the gym. Because I’m just getting started, I’m not sure how I want to incorporate work-outs on the blog. I’ve posted a few workouts over the past couple of weeks but I thought it might be interesting to try doing a post a week that just lists my workouts for the week and then occasionally post workouts that I’ve designed. This might also make more sense since I only get to the gym 1-2 a week these days because of my half-marathon training schedule. Let me know what you guys think! Do you like the actual workouts? Are there certain kinds that you guys would like to see (particular areas of the body, no-equipment, cardio?) Just trying to get an idea of what’s working and what’s not. I’d also love for you guys to share some of the fitness things that you enjoy doing in the comments.


6.5 mile stairclimb hike with Meetup group

This was my second time doing a walk with the “Hidden Stairs of LA” MeetUp Group. They’re a lot of fun. This one was two shorter hikes combined at Griffith Park. Not a ton of staircases but a few that were pretty long and then hiking through Los Feliz. I think I enjoyed looking at the beautiful houses just as much, if not more them, the workout. My phone storage was at capacity and so I wasn’t able to take as many pictures as I would have liked. I will definitely come prepared next time.


YEP (Yoga Echo Park)

It’s so amazing to start my Sunday’s doing yoga by Echo Park Lake. I actually had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Steve, the instructor of this class, a couple of weeks ago so be sure to look for a YEP feature on the blog soon!


Run (6 mile Elysian Park trail)

This is my favorite trail near my house. With the route that I take, twice around is a little over 6 miles. It’s great because most of it is a dirt path (which keeps my knees and hips happy), it’s scenic, and the uphill/downhill stretches make it challenging. I usually stop about a mile in for a stretch break and do the big hill in 45 sec work /30 sec break  intervals but I was able to go straight through this time around and only needed to take one 30 second break on my second time doing the hill. Yay glute work! (I feel so obnoxious when I say things like that but it’s how I feel so whatever).


32 minutes of tabata cardio and strength training intervals

This was a solid workout. I can really tell that I haven’t been in the gym too much lately. The 20 seconds of work felt a lot longer than when I was doing interval work 2-3 times a week. The burpee rounds were brutal. It felt good to challenge myself though and to do something besides run. 😛


Running (1 mile + 12 intervals of .25 miles with 30 second breaks + 1 mile) (About 5.5 miles total)

Ran on the USC track. Got kicked off during my last mile and had to finish up by awkwardly running through campus. It’s amazing how undergrads nearly run me over every day with their beach cruisers and skate boards and yet they seemed so confused by someone jogging.


Rest / Flow Yoga class at One Down Dog

This was my first time going to a “Flow” class. I usually do “Sweat” classes which are more fast paced and incorporate cardio. After having done interval running the day before and finishing up class for the week, this class was perfect. Just the right amount of strengthening, stretching, and zen. I think this might have to become a part of my weekly routine. Also, I love this studio. Will definitely write about them soon.


Run (5 miles)

Averaged a 9:13 mile on this one. Not too bad but was hoping for faster since it was one of my shorter runs. :/


Run (12 miles around Silverlake Reservoir)

The toughest part about this one was actually starting it. I was supposed to meet up with the Downtown LA MeetUp group that I ran with a couple of weeks ago but the 4 cups of sangria (and half of beer) that I had at my classmate’s housewarming on Friday night politely said “no” to getting up at 6am. So then I sat around all day dreading my long run, exactly what I was trying to avoid by going in the morning. When the temperature started to decline around 3:30, however, I got at it. Wasn’t my best run. Last few miles were a little vicious but I pushed through. Came away with a 9:34 mile average.

Today! (Sunday)

In a couple of hours I’ll be on my way to YEP once again. So nice to get a good stretch and some strength training in after yesterday’s run. I also have plans to go hiking later with Sarah, one of my cohort mates. Looking forward to getting some outdoor action in.

Enjoy the weekend! Best of luck in your healthy pursuits on this lovely Sunday!




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