My Winnings from the Pumps and Iron Giveaway

IMG_0400Hey guys! For those of you who with whom I’m FB friends, you may have seen a status that I posed a while back about winning a huge prize package from one of my favorite fitness blogs. Well, that blog was Pumps&Iron. I’m sure I’ve talked about it before. It’s one of the first blogs that I started following a few years ago when I got into reading blogs. The owner of P&I, Nicole Perry, posts awesome workouts of all kinds with photo tutorials that help demonstrate the movement and the proper form. Her blog is my go-to when I’m looking to incorporate new moves into my routine or if I’m traveling and need to put something together on the go. At this point, she has a TON of workouts up and you can search for them on the site by target area, workout structure (latter, intervals, AMRAP), or the equipment that the workout requires. Super convenient! I highly recommend this site for anyone whose looking to stay/get fit and would like inspiration and ideas for how to keep their workouts interesting and effective. She also posts about fashion and food making for a well-rounded reading experience. 

So now that I’ve revealed myself as a fitness-blog-fangirl, I can show you guys all the awesome stuff that I won in the Pumps&Iron giveaway. I think I entered the giveaway back in April. It was the last of a series of giveaways that Nicole was hosting throughout the month along with a fitness challenge. I enter a lot of giveaways. Why not, right? It’s generally pretty simple of enter, just a matter of clicking a few buttons and maybe liking something on Facebook. Even though I always enter these contests, I never actually expect to win them. I usually enter and then completely forget about them. So when I opened my email (my yahoo account that I use exclusively for emails related to shopping, giveaways, and other things that would be too distracting in my main email), I was SO SURPRISED when I had an email from Nicole saying that I had won the big prize package. I was absolutely floored. The package included a $50 gift card to either LuluLemon or Atheleta (I opted for Lulu), 2 classes at a fitness studio of my choice (I chose to try Barry’s Bootcamp since it’s been on my list for a while and I still haven’t been), a piece of workout equipment of my choice (I got an ab power wheel), and a whole slew of products from NOW Solutions. And when I say “whole slew,” I mean, whole slew. 

IMG_0388 (1)


As you can see, I got two huge boxes full of NOW products. Here are some of the ones that I’m most excited about. 



These boxes crowded the living room in our apartment for days before I finally figured out what to do with them. I was able to put some things away and then condense everything else down to one box (which is still in the living room). I just don’t know what to do with it all! I’m excited to try all this stuff out as well as get to Barry’s Bootcamp soon and get my core strength up with my ab wheel. My handstands are about to be ON POINT. 


It feels awesome to win. 


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