Why Oregon Should Be Your Next Destination

I’m trying to be better about appreciating all that the U.S. of A has to offer. When I first started traveling, I was drawn to the glitz and the glamour of big, chaotic cities but as I get older, I find myself wanting to know more about the smaller, lesser-known places. For me, this means venturing out of cities into small towns and exploring states that I hadn’t previously thought much about. Oregon is definitely one of those states that I would love to get to know better. Although I got to visit Portland for the first time last year, I’m hoping to get back to Oregon soon to see more of what it has to offer. Here are some of the things that draw me to the Pacific North West.

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The Nature

Oregon is one of the most beautiful destinations in terms of nature. There’s so much that is has to offer, and so many wonders to explore. The waterfalls are a must if you’re going to do a bit of exploring. Multnomah falls in particular will leave you in awe of their size and beauty. Whilst you’re there, you can even do a bit of diving, swimming, or climbing that is hosted by guided tours. Go on a nice day and this will be perfect. Then there’s the famous Mt. Hood for you to have a look at. Towering over parts of Oregon, this huge dormant volcano really is something marvelous to look at. You can either have a guided tour, or just explore the area on your own. But the guided tours will take you to the best view points. From trees and falls to the coats. Oregon’s beaches are a beautiful mix of sand and cliffs. They’re excellent for a spot of surfing. Or if you’d rather just lay by the beach, then this should be the place for you to go.

The Vibe

Everyone always comments on the vibe of Oregon and how it captures their hearts. You’ll find that people are just so friendly, and the famous coffee shops will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. The vibe of Oregon has always been known as quirky. As soon as you get there you’ll understand why. There are so great restaurants to enjoy that offer food bought straight from the farm. You always know you’ll be getting a freshly cooked meal in Oregon. The accommodations dotted all around the state is also a positive.  The SureStay Plus Hotel Gold Beach is just one of the ones available to you. If you don’t go to Oregon and mix with the people, you’re definitely doing it wrong. Head to one of the bars and you’ll be welcomed like you’ve known them your whole life. Whilst you’re there, you definitely need to take a trip to a micro-brewery as well.


Portland is one of the main reasons why people head to the state of Oregon. The city offers so much, and has developed so much over the past years. It really has put the state on the map. You can have guided tours of the city, or you can roam around by yourself. We do recommend you go to a basketball game in you wonder into Portland. The vibe there is just incredible. Even if you don’t understand the sport you’ll love it by the time you leave.

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