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Backpacking Europe: Top Destinations

You may have plans for the future of settling down, getting a mortgage, having a few kids, getting a dog. Maybe you see yourself moving around a bit for work promotions and the like, but staying mostly in a single location or town. But that’s […]

4 Amazing Ways to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Image link Working out should be intense and make you feel like you’ve really pushed yourself. If you leave every gym session feeling a little underwhelmed, then maybe you should start switching things up? Keep doing the same things over and over again, and you’ll […]

Advantages of Strength Training

Many women avoid strength training. This is often for one of three reasons, if not all three. Some women love going to the gym and enjoying classes or hitting the cardio machines but are terrified of going over to the weights area. They see huge […]

Healthy Things to do in Japan

Image source Japan is one of those places that’s on a lot of people’s travel bucket lists because not only is it a very beautiful place with a lot of history, but it’s pretty exotic and culturally much different to what most of us experience […]

Explore the Wonders of New York State

Image Credit: Wikimedia When you hear people talking about visiting New York, chances are that they are thinking of the great city. Broadway, The Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty – there are lots of reasons that the city is one of the most […]

10 Things to Do in Sarawak, Malaysia

I’m officially booked to head back to Asia in March and I’m having the hardest time choosing the countries and cities that I will visit. Since I will definitely be going to Singapore, Malaysia is a STRONG contender for counties that I might visit before […]

The Great Outdoors: 3 Reasons to Go Camping

Image Credit: Pexels Even if you are an indoor type of person who prefers holidays that come with mattresses and doors, you should definitely try camping at least once. There is something about building a fire to cook with and carrying your home on your […]

Create the Comforts of a Hotel Suite at Home

Few of us go on vacation for the sake of the hotel room. We go away because we want to travel. The hotel is just a practicality at best. But, if you go away often, you may find that your accommodation becomes part of the […]

How to Achieve your Goals in 2018

New year, new start… that’s what they all say! Well, why not make 2018 count? At the start of every year, the vast majority of us set a number of goals that we want to achieve throughout the following 12 months. Do you always reach […]

Cruising in Contrast: Beaches or Lights?

Image Credit: Pixabay Travel is a very personal experience. Some people just want to get to their resort and then lie by the pool until the bus comes to take them home again; others treat traveling as a part of the experience and love to […]