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Fending off Back Pain

It has been estimated that around 80 percent of adults suffer from back pain at some point during their lives. This is a startling number and sufferers will tell you just how debilitating it can be. Photo Credit If things start to get serious, you […]

Relax! : Taking Care of Body and Mind

The link between the mind and body has been well established, and to take care of your overall wellbeing and health- it’s important to look after both. Life can get busy and stressful, and so it’s important to take time out and look after yourself […]

Plan Your Ohio Winter Vacay

Image Credit: Pixabay Ohio, for those unfamiliar with American Midwestern geography, is in the Great Lakes region, between Indiana and Pennsylvania. It’s a lovely little state taking only 3 hours to get to any given point from its capital, Columbus. If you love to travel […]

Beautiful Places in Southeast Asia

Image source I am SO pleased to announce that I will be going back to Southeast Asia next year. As some of you might know, I spent a year living in Manila. Southeast Asia is a pretty popular place for vacationers and travel buffs right now, […]

Staying Healthy on a Budget

There are many misconceptions when it comes to staying healthy. Some people think that it’s expensive to buy healthy food, and they also believe that it’s expensive to get personalised healthcare services. Thankfully, these are both untrue. They’re simply just ideas that were introduced for […]

Ethical Eating in Europe

Eating plays a huge part in travel. Getting stuck into the traditional dishes of a place is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture. In fact, national dishes often reveal a lot about a country’s history and values. So, it makes […]

Dear Fitness Professionals, Don’t Food Shame Your Students

For those of you who read my blog, you know that I don’t usually use this space to hop atop my high horse and rant. Today, that ends. (Laughing but serious)  I promise that I will not completely go off the rails but I had […]

Protect Your Joints with These Training Tips

Image Source As someone who loves being physically active, lifting heavy things, and making weird shapes with my body, I’ve realized how important it is to pay attention to joint health.  If you are suffering from stiff hips or a bad back, you should not […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Caribbean Islands

Credit Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Caribbean. Despite raising a child with insane wanderlust, my mother has never been out of the U.S. and I’ve been doing research and saving money in hopes of taking her on vacation sometime within the next […]

Three of the Best Ways to Reduce Stress

Photo Credit Stress is something that we all experience at some point. Sometimes stress can be good for us and can give us the motivation to get a job done well, but other times it’s completely useless, and can completely take over your life unless […]