Pod of the Week! The Sporkful Podcast: Is the Best Cuban Food Still in Cuba?

Hi peeps, 

Today I come to you with a podcast episode that I loved this week. I have been thinking of starting this series on the blog for a while and I’m just sitting down to actually do it. If you know me in real life or follow me on instagram, you probably know that I’m a self-identified pod-head. I subscribe to way too many podcasts and I often have trouble actually staying up to date but I’m kind of obsessed. To make use of my addiction, I’ve decided that each week, I will choose one episode from the week to share. Here’s the recommendation for this week. 

The Sporkful podcast: Is the Best Cuban Food Still in Cuba? 

Listen to the episode of The Sporkful podcast here or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

What I loved about this episode: It raised some really interesting questions about conscious tourism. As an avid traveler, I often think about how I’m engaging with the places I visit and the people and cultures that give them meaning. It’s particularly tough to recognize and negotiate my privileged American identity within developing nations. Furthermore, when consuming different kinds of foods, it’s important to think about the cultures, histories, and current realities to which they are tethered. These conversations are often uncomfortable as they require us to reckon with our own privileges and consumer practices. But we have to do the work, nonetheless. Hope this episode of the Sporkful podcast sparks some critical reflection!  

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