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Hi guys!

I’ve been meaning to post this feature for a while but am only now getting around to it. Back when I had just gotten back to LA from my summer adventures, I was lucky enough to win an awesome gift bag from Racked LA. If you’re not familiar with Racked.com, you should change that. They’re a great resource for anyone looking to take advantage of their city. With restaurant features, free fitness events, and great articles about local happenings, Racked.com is definitely a site to bookmark. I’ve come to know the site primarily through it’s “Fit Club.” A few times a month, Racked LA Fit Club holds events at different fitness studios around the city, providing a great opportunity to see what the LA fitness scene has to offer. Studios range from those focusing on spinning, to yoga, to treadmill/Pilates intervals. It’s a great way to not only add some flavor to your workout routine but also try some things that you might not generally go for.

My primary way of staying on top of all of the awesome Racked Fit Club events is through Instagram. In August, I came across a Racked Fit Club giveaway post for a fitness swag bag. To enter, you had to answer the question “What is you all time favorite workout song and why?” Since music is so critical to my workout success, I thought it would make sense for me to enter.


A couple of days later I went to a Racked Fit Club event at FitMix (remember those running/pilates intervals that I mentioned) with my friend Stephanie and upon checking in with Instagram after the class, I found out that I’d won! I was really excited. It always feels great to win things but to win workout-y things incites a special kind of excitement in me. Can you guess what my winning response was? Just guess….

I’ll give you a hint.

napolean-dynamite(Photo Credit: Mashable)

My entry response was “Canned Heat by Jamiroquai because it immediately makes me think of Napolean Dynamite’s epic dance performance and all seems possible.” The Racked LA team actually dug (yes, “dug,” as in the past tense of “dig” as in I’m living my life in the 1960’s. Don’t judge.) my response and selected me as the winner. So flattering! My fabulous taste is music is finally being acknowledged and appreciated!


So here’s what was in the bag.


1. Super cute workout tank by // OUT. Love the glittery lateral back strap!

2. Sporty workout tank and $100 gift card for Carbon38. So far I’ve gotten a really cute green yoga bra with the gift card. Still holding out to use the rest on something fun.

3. Workout hoodie by Koral activewear. I’ve been wearing this over my new Carbon38 yoga bra on the way to class. So convenient for coverage while still allowing me to get some air.

4. Copy of The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimberly Snyder
5. Copy of Please Meditate It’s Good For You by Olivia Rosewood
6. Gift certificate for 5 meditation classes at Unplug Meditation Studio.
7. Funky hair ties by MyKitsch.
8. A $25 gift card for Pressed Juicery (!!).
9. A gift certificate for two classes at Body By Simone. (I will have to be sure to do a fitness feature with a review of this studio when I visit)


10. Two pairs of Pointe Studio socks. Perfect for Pop Physique-ing and just bumming around the crib.
11. An inCase running armband. This was so perfect! I had literally just lost my old one and was prepping to get back into the running swing. Racked LA, my saving grace.
12. Wimberlean Workout DVD complete with resistance bands. I haven’t tried this yet but needless to say, I’m excited.
13. Delicious Paleta energy bars along with a handy info and recipe book.


14. Super cute yoga sweater by Alternative. Perfect for fall yoga (and clearly for summer yoga too seeing as how I’ve been wearing it like 3 times a week…)! It was hard to photograph so it just sort of looks like a big pile of fabric in the first picture so I have to recruit Maria to take a photo of me wearing it. Excuse my appearance. I clearly didn’t prep for the photoshoot.

And is if that wasn’t enough, it was all stashed in this great yoga bag, designed with straps to hold my mat at the bottom. This has officially become my “yoga bag.” Great for holding my towels and water for sculpt at ODD.



If you guys are interested in knowing some of the other songs that people love working out to, or if you’re in the market for some new workout tunes, head on over to THIS POST on Racked LA to download the spotify playlist that the editors created based on the giveaway entries. I’ve been listening to this since the end of the competition and I must say, it’s pretty groovy (…I asked you not to judge).

So obviously the takeaway from this post is that Racked is awesome. Now that I’m done bragging, I can go run off into the sunset with all of my fabulous fitness goodiessss!

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