Recent Happenings in the Land of Hipster Glasses

I thought it would be cool to share some of the highlights of the past week or so with you guys. I started classes last Tuesday and am struggling to get into student mode. Luckily, I’m pretty excited about the work that I’ll be doing this semester and my profs are chill. Here are some of the things that have been keeping me busy and making me smile over the past couple of weeks, in no particular order.

1. Leah, a friend from my study abroad program in Rome, made my jambalaya!! I’ve had 3 people (hi Cara! hi Susan!) who have actually tried recipes from my blog and it’s making MY LIFE.

2. Playing around with brussel sprouts and food photography. I’ve been working to develop a recipe and though I haven’t quite gotten the flavors right yet, I do love taking pictures of the research process. B-sprouts are such hams, I mean look at that color! Can’t imagine what they would look like if I had a legit camera and actual photography skills. :/ #pointandshootlife

2014-01-14 10.58.26 2014-01-14 10.58.18 2014-01-14 10.20.47 2014-01-12 10.01.01 2014-01-12 10.02.00

3. I’m up to a bit over 7 miles with my half marathon training. The thought of having to nearly double that is a little daunting …


4. …but this song makes it better….

So yourself and add to your playlist.

5. Sunday morning yoga at Echo Park Lake keeps me sane. (And it’s only a $5 donation. Can’t beat that with a stick.)


6. This had to happen.


cornbread (And I’m so glad that it did)

7. Exploring Thai Town for some authentic ingredients. 🙂

bangkokmarket2 bangkokmarket

8. If the city of Los Angeles absolutely INSISTS on having low 80 degree weather in January, I shall take advantage of it. beach


9. And perfecting something sweet to share with you guys (to be posted later this week).

2014-01-16 10.57.21

10. Also Buddha (as found in a random late night donut shop in Thai Town) says hello.


Hope all is well with all of you guys!







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