San Fran + La Vie en Général

Hi guys,


It’s been way too long since my last update. I ran off to San Francisco last weekend so this week has been absolutely crazy. I’ve had to catch up on all of the work that I didn’t do while I was hanging out in NorCal. I’m literally laying in bed right now trying to recuperate from the past four days but I thought it would be nice to update you guys on my time in San Francisco!


I arrived in SF around 2 PM on Friday and met up with my friend Nora at her job. She had to work until later in the day so I thought I would go hunt for a Halloween costume. When I got to “Costumes on Haight,” however, there was a line. On one hand I was happy that I wasn’t the only one who had waited until the last minute to find a costume. On the other hand I thought that it was absurd that I had to wait 20 minutes to get into a costume shop. I waited only to get inside and not find anything. After trying a few other stores further down the road I decided that I would have to make do with things in my suitcase. So I thought what do I have? Bright pink yoga leggings, colorful headband, bright blue sports bra. Naturally I should be at Jazzercise instructor. I was able to borrow legwarmers and a swimsuit from Nora and her friend Genevieve and then my outfit was complete. I was living the dream.


Nora dressed as a woman from “The Birds” and it was awesome.




Following our night of Halloween fun I woke up and went for a great run along the bay. After running Nora and I went to the ferry building for a book signing. I have been waiting for Mediterranean Paleo Cooking to be released for sometime so when I found out that the authors would be in San Francisco on November 1 I knew that I had to go to meet them.



It was great to hear about their experiences conceptualizing and putting together the book and it’s been amazing to start working through the recipes. Because this week has been so crazy I’ve only gotten a chance to make two things so far but they were both awesome. So excited to try more this week!




Okay so back to San Fran. After the book signing Norand I grab some food, walked around for a bit, and then headed back to her place to get ready for the evening. We went out for drinks and dancing at “Raven” in the Mission and it was so fun. The music there was everything! So much top 40 90s pop, and throwback jams. Everything I ever want in a spot.

On Sunday I got up early for one last run. The first time that I’ve visited the city was during my foot fracture so I was really excited to experience the running culture as much as I could on this trip. During this run I almost made it to the base of the Bay Bridge but I ran into a half marathon and decided to turn around at the races turn around point so that I could fed off of the spirit.


After finishing my run Nora and I are headed up to Sonoma for lunch at the Fremont diner. It was so yummy. I actually forgot to take pictures of everything but I highly recommend it if you’re ever in that area.




After eating we went to Rams Gate Winery and took a walk around it was absolutely gorgeous.





After the winery we headed back to San Francisco and grab coffee before Nora drop me off at the MegaBus station. It was so nice to get away.

This week has been nuts with doing work, readings, meetings, grading papers etc. but I’m slowly getting my footing back. The American studies conference is in town this weekend and the new urbanism town festival is also happening so I won’t have as much time as I’d like to do work over the next couple of days but I’m confident that I can push through. I’ll go now and get ready for my run to sculpt! Got to get this Friday party started!

Ciao for now. GWHW

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