4 Steps for a Spiritual Spring Cleaning

At this point Spring is in full swing and summa is near. Because I’m on an academic schedule, I am only now getting around to resetting and refreshing for the new season. At this point, hopefully you’ve gone through your cabinets, drawers, and closets to throw out unnecessary possessions. But have you taken any time for internal self work? For those of you who might be running a little behind schedule on your mental and spiritual spring cleaning, here are some of the ways that I’m setting myself up for the rest of the year.

Check-In: This is the part where you sit down and take some inventory. How are you feeling about how your 2017 is going so far? Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished? Are you on path for meeting the goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? It’s important to seriously consider your emotional state in order to maintain or change it. 

Journal: So many people swear by journaling but it has not traditionally been a part of my routine. I’ve been incorporating it more recently, however, as I’ve found it refreshing to get some of my thoughts out of my head and on to some paper. I have particularly taken a liking to making gratitude lists to remind myself of everything that the universe has provided me up until this point. 

Goal-set: Once all the reflecting is done, it’s time to create some tangible intentions for yourself. Maybe you realize that some of the goals that you’d set earlier in the year are unnecessary or unrealistic. Don’t be afraid to revise your objectives as appropriate. There’s a lot of power in acknowledging when certain goals no longer make sense. 

Cultivate: Once your goals are set, it’s time to implement! Start actively working towards what you want in life. Whether that’s building a new healthy habit, reaching a career milestone, or scratching something off your personal bucket list, go for it. The universe has your back. 

Ideally these processes of self-reflection and self-improvement would be everyday practices. In our current world, however, this can be hard to sustain. A new season is a great opportunity to set aside some time for this kind of self work in hopes of cultivating an overall stronger relationship to self-care. 






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