Start Fresh: 5 Winter Cleaning Ideas to Reset for the New Year

We generally think of the Spring as the time for renewal but the end of the year/winter also provides a great opportunity to start fresh coming into a new year. At this point, it’s been over 6 months since you purged for the spring. Chances are, you’ve acquires a bunch of things that aren’t sparking joy over that time. Plus, many of us will be bringing new things into our collection of stuff over the course of the holidays. It only makes sense to make a little room. 

Here are a few of the tasks on my Winter Cleaning List:


I have four email accounts that I use for various things and though I try to make a habit of deleting useful emails as they come in, I inevitably end up with inboxes full of things that I no longer need. I’m planning to making time to get all of these inboxes up to code for the start of the new year and the new semester. 


Before I moved back in June, I used the renowned Kondo method to get rid of clothing that was not sparking joy in my life. Six months later, I realize that there is more to be done. There are so many things in my closet that I skip over time and time again. It’s finally time to thank them for their service and send them along their way. I have decided to begin actively working towards my capsule wardrobe. This is a necessary first step to get me set up for that. 

Desktop and Computer Files

Like emails, I try to stay on top of my desktop files, dropbox and GoogleDrive. But inevitably, files end up unsorted. I’m planning to take some time to go through and organize everything so that I can go into the new year with the illusion that I have my life in order. 😉


How many emails do you get from companies that you don’t actually care about? I know I get a ton. I sign up for giveaways or companies sell my information to others. I end up getting a ton of unwanted emails. Over the past few weeks, when I receive these emails, I politely scroll to the bottom and unsubscribe from this. It’s kind of amazing how powerful it feels to do it. 


Similar to the aforementioned email subscriptions, I am now subscribed to a fair amount of podcasts that I don’t actually like. I like them in theory but in practice, I never listen to them. The episode descriptions always sounds so fascinating. They have great reviews on iTunes. But they just don’t do it for me. It’s time that I just stopped trying to force the relationship. Delete delete delete. 

These are all small actions. Aside from cleaning your closet, all of these tasks can be done from the comfort of your desk (or bed!). But, for me, they set a tone of cleansing and renewal. We’re surrounded by things and stimuli – so many options for entertainment and commercial consumption, so many people and companies trying to solicit our attention, labor, time, and feedback – it can be a bit overwhelming. We owe it to ourselves to only engage with those things that serve us in some identifiable way. I do these small tasks as a training exercise for using more discernment in my everyday life – to surround myself with people and things of quality and significance. 




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