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For some, going on vacation is an opportunity to get away from our responsibilities, including our workouts. For others, being on vacation affords us the opportunity to revel in our workouts without the stress of having to work around other commitments. It’s also a chance to get out of our usual routine and try some new fitness activities and/or studios. As a wanderer of the world and a fitness enthusiast, I have spent years developing way to stay active while I’m on the go. If you fall into the latter category (and it’s fine if you don’t!) here, are some strategies to stay on top of your exercise game even when you’re away from home. 


Not everyone is into running. If you are, however, it’s probably the most travel-friendly form of exercise that you can get. It’s free, it only requires athletic shoes (which you’re probably already bringing), and it’s a great way to explore a new place. While I haven’t been doing much running recently, I actually got into distance running when I was studying abroad in Europe because it was the most economical way to stay in shape. Since then, it has become one of my favorite things to do whenever I go to a new place as it’s such an amazing way to soak up the vibe of a foreign space. 

Be a Good Tourist 

One of simplest ways to stay active on vacation is by walking. If you’re in a big city, you might be surprised at how much walking you do in a day just from sight-seeing. While walking might not be as rigorous as your usual form of exercise, it’s a great way to maintain a active body and mindset.

No-equipment routine

Never underestimate the power of a good body-weight routine. If you’re not comfortable planning your own workouts, don’t worry, I have you covered. Check out this equipment-free workout that I did when I was in Lisbon. And because I am who I am, I also have an entire Pinterest page dedicated to minimal or no-equipment workouts. 

Pack a Jump Rope

People (including myself) sleep on the jump rope. I recently did circuit training at The Fremont Health Club in Seattle that incorporated a jump rope and it reminded me of just how good it is. Not only is it a great tool for cardio, it’s also fun. It evokes a sense of play that I really appreciate. You can always do some double-unders or interval speed rounds if you want to amp it up. Plus, the jump rope takes up so little space in your luggage that you can pack it even if you’re about that carry-on only life

Use All the Apps

Technology is a thing. Although I don’t use any apps now, I have used them in the past. There are SO many apps available for so many different kinds of workouts. Take the time before your vacation to do a little research and find one that might be good for you. They’re inexpensive, if not free, and they take away the anxiety of having to design your own routines. 

Find a Park

When visiting my friend (hi Sarah) up in the Bay a couple of months ago, the group fitness class that we planned to attend was canceled. Instead of throwing in the towel on our workout, we pulled over at Lake Merritt and got to it. Although Sarah did happen to have some resistance bands in her trunk, most of the moves that we did were totally equipment free. I set the interval timer app on my phone for 30 seconds on/10 seconds off and we came up with new moves for each set. It turned out to be a great workout and we got to be outside.  

Donation yoga

Single class drop-ins at yoga studios can be pretty pricey, ranging from $17-$25 a pop. Because I’m (theoretically) on a budget, I usually search for studios that offer donation classes. These classes generally cost anywhere from $5 to $10. Important things to know about donation classes are that A) not all studios offer them B) they are often offered at awkward/off peak times C) they are usually taught by less experienced teachers. Keeping those three things in mind, it’s totally worth poking around on google to find some classes whenever you’re going. 

Drop-In Classes 

If you’re not concerned about price, you can always find a fitness studio or gym to purchase a drop-in class or day-pass. These can be pricey but if there is a studio that you’d really like to try and it’s not cost-prohibitive, go for it! Also, if you’d like to visit a particular studio or gym more than once during your trip, I encourage you to ask about weekly rates or drop-in packages. This can be a great way to save money but sometimes studios don’t list these offerings in their official price list. 


If you follow me on insta, you may have seen a recent video post of me doing a workout with the Empack from Evolved Fitness. I got this handy pack before my trip to Colombia earlier this year. After using it over the past four months, it’s definitely one of the best purchases that I’ve made. It’s essentially a backpack that turns into a workout pack when you fill the inflatable reservoirs with water or sand. The great part is that you can fold the reservoirs super tiny when you’re done and use the backpack as you would any other. Learn more about the Empack here and let me know if you have any questions about my experience using it. Below is the workout that I did with the Empack while in Mexico City earlier this week. 

Empack from EvolvedFitness

Empack Travel Tabata Workout

Set Interval Timer for 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds off. 

Alternate between each movement for a total of four rounds of each move. 

Take a break between each set. 

Total Work Time: 16 minutes 

Set 1: Squat Thrusters / Deadlifts

Set 2: Overhead lunges / push-ups 

Set 3: Squats / Burpees 

Set 4: Push presses / jump squats 



*Please note that this post was NOT sponsored. I purchased the Empack on my own at full price and chose to share my review of it here on the blog*

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